Research*EU Magazine | Number 108 (December 2021/January 2022)

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Series Details Number 108
Publication Date December 2021/January 2022
ISSN 2599-7920
EC ZZ-AG-21-010-EN-N
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Special Feature: The farms of the future – it’s all about precision


This feature-packed issue includes an additional four pages looking back at Research*EU’s accomplishments over the years.  The Special Section examines the practices and technologies being developed under the umbrella of precision farming.  Automated management systems, animal and plant-borne sensors, pocket diagnostic devices and farm robots are all helping to bring new efficiencies to Europe’s farmers, supporting Europe’s transition to a high-value agricultural system.  As Always, this issue brings you the latest EU-funded research and innovation from a range of sectors, including health, society, industry and space.  Life After, also catches-up with past project BPR4GDPR and discovers how it is continuing to help EU businesses keep their clients’ data safe.  Finally, this month's Project of the Month, takes a look at SHAPES, an Irish start-up that is helping to make the entire world accessible to everyone.


    • Health
      • Fertility drug shows promise for combating antibiotic resistance
      • Molecular evidence on how obesity may alter medication safety
      • Unblocking the body's natural defence against cancer
    • Society
      • Why the smell of babies may increase aggression in women but decrease it in men
      • Study of ancient glass provides a window into the past
      • Gestational surrogacy: mapping reformist and abolitionist debates in Italy, Mexico and the United States
    • Project of the Month
      • Making everywhere accessible to everyone
    • Transport and Mobility
      • World's first long-range solar car charges on the move
      • Lighter, greener, safer: the next generation of fuel bladders
      • Advanced fuselage shielding could help propfan aircraft take off
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • Wood forms a central plank in nearly-zero energy buildings
      • The world's first biodegradable laundry fragrance microcapsules
    • Special Feature
      • The farms of the future - it's all about precision
    • Retrospective
      • Celebrating 10 years of Research*EU
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • A is for aphid, B is for beetle: the order pests arrive makes a big difference to crops
      • Engineered plants could be green chemical factories of the future
      • Towards a blockchain scenario to guarantee virgin olive oil authenticity
    • Industrial Technologies
      • Natural floor tiles support a sustainable building sector
      • Laser innovation lights up electronic display sector
    • Digital Economy
      • AI factcheckers aid the battle against fake news
      • Upgrading Europe's maritime data infrastructure
      • Virtual touch and feel: a new frontier of digital reality
    • Life After...
      • Catching-up with BPR4GDPR:  Helping businesses keep citizens' personal data safe
    • Space
      • Reducing the risk of collisions in space through better thermosphere modelling
      • Novel ways of analysing observations of exoplanet atmospheres
    • Fundamental Research
      • Magnetic polymers set to be a material of the future
      • Searching for treasure in the 'dark matter' of microbial genes
    • Agenda
      • March 2022
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