Research*EU Magazine | Number 12 (May 2012)

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Publication Date May 2012
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Ecosystems and food security


This issue of Research*EU magazine focuses on the relationship between ecosystems and food security — in a sequence of articles starting in our ‘environment and society’ section with ‘Europeans develop innovative, sustainable food packaging product’. As well as this special section, our regular ‘biology and medicine’ section’s top story also looks at food packaging, this time from the perspective of nutrition labelling.

In the ‘energy and transport’ section we investigate a project that allows you to explore your transport options from the point of view of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile, our ‘IT and telecommunications’ section opens with a project that has developed ‘a cheap and fully optical solution for ultrafast Internet’, while the ‘industrial technologies’ section features an unusual source for improved robotics and automation — the eye movements of very young infants.


Industrial Technologies

  • Modelling food structure
  • Groundbreaking nanotech for limitless applications
  • New materials for renewing European bridges

Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - A cheap and fully optical solution for ultra-fast internet
  • Feature Stories - Enhanced brain-computer interface promises unparalleled autonomy for disabled
  • Feature Stories - A groundbreaking, waterless approach to micro-chip making
  • Feature Stories - Maintaining Europe's competitive edge in wireless communications
  • Detecting hidden people and objects
  • Manufacturing of the future is here now
  • Low-cost inkjet system for electronic circuit boards
  • Better data and analysis for more effective fisheries
  • Advancing processes for plastics manufacturing
  • Low-cost, high performance capacitors

Climate Change and Environment

  • Preserving mangrove ecosystems for future generations
  • Turning waste into health and beauty products
  • Biosensors help keep pesticides off our plate
  • Fisheries management goes green
  • Underground-reaching radar improves rail safety
  • Values affecting majority–minority interactions
  • A new, more comprehensive European Fish Index
  • Using genomics to study marine ecosystems
  • Food and economic security from ancient grain type
  • Tracking and tracing for enhanced beef safety
  • Upgrading collaboration for agriculture research


  • Cutting harmful emissions from biomass combustion
  • Modernising photovoltaic surfaces
  • Supercapacitors for hybrid fuel cell applications
  • Better fuel cells on the horizon
  • Cost-effective energy from the Earth’s crust
  • Energising Africa
  • Harnessing sunlight for very large surfaces


  • New roadmap for food and health research
  • New therapies for childhood cancer in the pipeline
  • Strengthening immunity for South American youth
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