Research*EU Magazine | Number 13 (June 2012)

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Publication Date June 2012
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Growth through innovation: 'Green cars', 'Energy efficient buildings' and 'Factories of the future'.


This issue of Research*EU magazine focuses on some of the projects supported via the three PPPs, as well as relevant results from some of the completed EU research in these industrial sectors.

In the regular ‘energy and transport’ section, starting, we have interviews with two projects, BEEM-UP and FC-DISTRICT, which have been supported by, and cooperate with, the PPP on ‘Energy-efficient Buildings’. In addition, there is an interview with the REFORM project, funded by the PPP on ‘Factories of the Future’, in the ‘industrial technologies’ section. The rest of the ‘energy and transport’ and ‘industrial technologies’ sections showcase results from EU-funded research in the fields of green cars and fuels, energy-efficient buildings and future manufacturing technologies.

Our regular ‘biology and medicine’ section’s top story on page 6 looks at the Eatwell project, which is investigating a variety of European policies aimed at reducing obesity, and the steps people will take to become healthy. The results of this study come at a time when healthy eating and increasing rates of obesity are becoming a major concern for people the world over.

The ‘environment and society’ section opens with an article on researchers from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom who have designed an innovative technique to study the underground world of plants. The results of this research will lead to improved breeding techniques for crop varieties, as well as better yields.

The ‘IT and telecommunications’ section opens on page 25 with a survey of the research going into creating the future Internet of services, things and infrastructure, which will include everything from smart appliances that talk to each other to clothes that monitor our health, from cars that cannot crash to mobile technologies and cloud platforms that run our businesses.


Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - A grid-based 'Google' to fight neurological disease
  • Feature Stories - New frontier: Chips transfer data at light speed
  • Feature Stories - Safer, more active and independent: the proven benefits of ‘Ambient assisted-living' technology
  • Feature Stories - Phase-sensitive optical data transmission: a new frontier
  • Encouraging debate that will shape the future
  • Enhanced metals separation for electronics recycling
  • Satellites zoom in on the new Europe
  • Computer aided design improved by mathematics
  • Nanosensors for studying neuronal activity

Industrial Technologies

  • Europe and its Bronze Age identity
  • Enhancing Europe's mechatronics paradigm
  • Making smaller better with nano-manufacturing
  • Enhancing separation membrane selectivity
  • Better coordination for micro- and nano-manufacturing
  • Improved industrial robots are more versatile
  • New cost-effective, eco-friendly steel packaging cans
  • Painting goes high-tech
  • Mimicking marine organisms to design novel materials


  • Clearing the air for next generation diesel engines
  • Next generation solar systems for buildings
  • Energy economy eyes gas cylinders
  • New hybrid vehicles without batteries
  • New hope for hydrogen-powered cars
  • Smart glazing for energy savings
  • One step closer to hydrogen cars

Climate Change and Environment

  • Hydrogen-rich methanol for fuel cells
  • Helping small businesses to go green
  • Boosting fresh water production
  • Agriculture adjusts to climate change
  • Optimised ultracaps for tomorrow’s electric cars
  • Cars of the future
  • Consolidating efforts for environmental protection
  • Europe's identity through philosophy


  • Abnormal wound healing mechanisms
  • Making competences more accessible
  • Cell therapy for heart diseases
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