Research*EU Magazine | Number 2 (May 2011)

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Publication Date May 2011
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Energy and resources: alternatives, renewables, generation, distribution...efficiency all the way!


In the EU, research is underway to develop the latest energy technologies. We wanted to highlight the wonderful work being conducted across the 27 EU Member States along with its international partners. This is why we decided to dedicate this issue of Research*EU magazine to ‘Energy and resources: alternatives, renewables, generation, distribution...efficiency all the way!’

We start off the issue by looking at the possible correlation between mobile phones and brain tumours in adolescents. The article, listed in the biology and medicine section, discusses how one EU-funded project will help shed light on any possible negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The energy and transport section leads with an innovative study into a promising alternative fuel for environment-friendly energy production. History often reveals patterns that future generations can learn from. This is indeed the case in the top story in the environment and society section. An EU-funded project has found links between climate change and ancient societies.

In our IT and telecommunications section, we see how European research helps industry to bridge the divide between what happens in the physical world and its representation in the digital world.

The industrial technology section leads with a story on a project that is developing the latest in robots. The project, PISA, has built a powerful robotic arm that is able to pick up a delicate egg without breaking it.

The issue then ends with a list of exciting events and upcoming conferences in the field of research and technology.


Climate Change and Environment

  • The next step in stress-resistant crops
  • How families pass on a sense of history
  • Using river deposits to sequester carbon dioxide
  • Forests: a renewable resource for everyday materials
  • The mystery of eels
  • Water policy reflects changing climate
  • Organic answer to cabbage root fly
  • Conserving wetlands in Asia's highlands
  • Better agriculture for a new Europe
  • Using light and sand to kill waterborne viruses
  • Making an impact with high-tech accident prevention
  • Hunting for sustainability
  • Better managing our deep-sea resources

Digital Economy

  • High-tech signalling streamlines EU rail transport
  • Project Success Stories - Enterprise logic gets an industry makeover
  • Developing intelligent video surveillance
  • Project Success Stories - A boost for European automation
  • Innovative technology to provide increased quality and quantity of recovered paper
  • Genetic lab-on-a-chip for managing fish populations
  • Are businesses using your personal information?
  • On the look-out for security technology developments
  • Peer-to-peer to drive video multicasting
  • A common vision of European security


  • Blind see with sound
  • Non-invasive imaging to detect myocardial ischaemia
  • Uncovering the switches that turn tumours on and off
  • The environment shapes allergy development
  • Quality boost for health-care systems
  • Is nano-medicine good for you?
  • New stature for natural products chemistry laboratory
  • Preparing for an ageing Europe

Industrial Technologies

  • Nano-structured membranes in fuel cells
  • Greener propellants for space flight
  • Pushing out the frontiers of robotics
  • Research spurs on biotech-modified textiles
  • There's nothing like the real thing


  • Sustainable and cost-effective fuels for aircraft
  • Plants and bacteria generate electricity
  • Cheap fuel from sugarcane
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