Research*EU Magazine | Number 3 (June 2011)

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Publication Date June 2011
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Research for regions: a coherent research area for Europe


This issue of Research*EU magazine is dedicated to ‘Regions for research: a coherent research area for Europe.’ We speak to Dr Anu Reinart, director of Estonia’s Tartu Observatory. She is also the lead researcher of the EU-funded EstSpacE project. EstSpacE is working towards enhancing space research potential of Estonian scientific institutes by collaborating with other European partners as well as the ESA. Dr Reinart shares her experiences with us and provides a compelling insight into her work at EstSpacE.

We start off the issue by first delving into the human brain and exploring the root causes of chronic brain conditions like Parkinson’s. The article, listed in the biology and medicine section, discusses how researchers are focusing their efforts on an important and somewhat enigmatic portion of the brain called the basal ganglia, which is responsible for motor control and cognitive aspects of behaviour.

The energy and transport section leads with an article on the need for greater investment in wind power research. An article on forging new ties between researchers leads the environment and society section. The article discusses an EU-funded project that is strengthening the research capacity and cooperation in central European countries.

In our IT and telecommunications section, we see how European research is attempting to better archive raw footage. The research will help broadcasters search, retrieve and use raw footage with much greater ease.


Climate Change and Environment

  • Rocky shore biodiversity
  • Boosting plant biotechnology research in Bulgaria
  • Vital groundwork for R&D cooperation
  • Montenegro plans its future of research
  • Europe boosts expertise for the University of Sofia
  • Changing perceptions on a changing climate
  • Civil society, where next?
  • Improved weather forecasts

Digital Economy

  • Project Success Stories - Need footage in a rush?
  • Increasing scientific synergy between Russia and Europe
  • Grid computing links Europe and China
  • Free-electron laser comes closer to reality
  • EU research connects with Latin America
  • Cheaper chips for PET radiopharmaceutical production
  • Central Europe embraces ICT
  • Making science cool
  • IT technology to build new EU-Brazil partnership
  • Good practice database to support women in research
  • EU helps Bulgarian institute aim for global excellence


  • BEE writes the book on biomass assessment
  • Setting the standard for smart meters
  • Wind turbines examined to improve technology
  • Nature-based devices to produce hydrogen for energy markets
  • Reliable yet inexpensive offshore wind power
  • The complexities of energy security
  • Optical alternative to silicon for future electronics


  • Fortifying African foods against malnutrition
  • Inhibition of kinase activity for the treatment of autoimmunity
  • Women shaping science
  • Perfecting anaesthesia
  • The EU's role in global regenerative medicine
  • Innovative anti-malaria control
  • Genetic variability shapes oxidative stress response

Industrial Technologies

  • Estonia extends space research programme
  • New nanotoxicity database
  • Sci-tech collaboration links Europe and south-east Asia
  • The pursuit of perfect packages
  • A boost for geology in southern Europe
  • Greener bioethanol production
  • Going underground to study the Universe
  • Intelligent machine tools for factory production
  • Creating a Mediterranean research space
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