Research*EU Magazine | Number 44 (July 2015)

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Publication Date July 2015
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Where science meets security


With recent events such as revelations surrounding the NSA’s data surveillance programme and terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Denmark, security has never been so high on the EU political agenda. Data published by Eurostat in 2015 reveals that, while most Europeans feel safe, concern over most known security threats has grown between 2011 and 2015. What hasn’t changed, however, is the complexity of the underlying challenge: higher security levels are often synonymous with less freedom and privacy, and implementing appropriate measures implies finding a subtle balance between both priorities.

This edition of the Research*EU magazine highlights the contribution of 13 FP7 projects. These highlights include four interviews illustrating the vast range of issues our scientists are working on, from more secured cloud computing technology to 3D acquisition of crime scene evidence and systems protecting European railways from electromagnetic attacks. This ‘special feature’ section is followed by our usual insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, the environment, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies and space, along with a list of upcoming scientific events.


Climate Change and Environment

  • Greener and cleaner diesel vehicles
  • Hydrogen diffusion in the Earth's interior
  • Improving counterterrorism tactics
  • Improving predictions of climate change impacts
  • Trees are millennial temperature gauges
  • Addressing security challenges

  • Toward DNA-based nanomaterials
  • Genes controlling mate choice
  • Boosting research on glottalisations
  • Brush and floss often to ward off heart attack
  • Organic molecules for new devices
  • Why dragons lose colour with age
  • Clinical applications of electroporation
  • Genome regulation during embryogenesis
  • Miniature devices for biomedical use
Digital Economy

  • Multimedia meet next-generation wireless networks
  • From Galileo to multi-system positioning
  • Better robotics exploiting visual attention
  • Biosensors for environmental monitoring
  • Software for driverless vehicles
  • Accentuating the positive in news media
  • Analysing the cloud
Industrial Technologies

  • Tools to better measure public perception of security and privacy
  • Modelling airframe noise
  • The effects of new public management
  • Air puffs in the right places
  • SMEs and experience staging
Food and Natural Resources

  • High-precision snow cover and glacier mapping
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