Research*EU Magazine | Number 45 (August/September 2015)

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Series Details Number 45
Publication Date August/September 2015
ISSN 1977-4028
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Going full circle with our wastewaters


EU researchers have been busy developing new technologies that would enable wastewater plants, water-intensive industry and consumers to step up their game. Some of these technologies are presented in this magazine. Improved water quality assessment, novel testing methods for emerging pollutants, redesigned treatment systems and pollutant recycling are just a few of the exciting research discoveries discussed in this edition of the Research*EU magazine. Last but not least, this month’s ‘special feature’ introduces our first-ever coverage of a recently completed Horizon 2020 project, whose ground-breaking technology promises to bring electricity, clean water and internet connectivity to the poorest and most isolated regions of the world.

This ‘special feature’ section is followed by our usual insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, the environment, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies and food and agriculture, along with a list of upcoming scientific events.



  • Closing in on a powerful therapeutic
  • Use of ultrasound for cheaper algae harvesting
  • Towards electric vehicles that run on air


  • How viruses go viral
  • Novel bacterial targets
  • A new approach to anxiety in childhood

Industrial technologies

  • There's more to what we know about language
  • Cultural difference in creativity
  • The cradle of civilisation in the literacy canon
  • Planning transport solutions for cities
  • Defining appropriate last mile air support for an effective and enhanced disaster response
  • Brain-driven aircraft - True or False?
  • New inspection technology for wind turbines
  • Building materials from aircraft insulation
  • New wrought aluminium alloys for high temperatures
  • Investigating the content of mine waters
  • Aiding disadvantaged groups via integrated local policy
  • A novel with many capabilities

Digital Economy

  • Flexible automated robotic welding
  • Paper biosensors revolutionise diagnostics
  • Tailoring alert systems for enhanced security

Climate Change and Environment

  • Limiting pesticide use for more sustainable agriculture
  • How fungi attack wheat
  • Greener pastures for Europe's farms
  • Turning waste and pollutants into fuel
  • Plant and soil traits key to good growth
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