Research*EU Magazine | Number 47 (November 2015)

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Publication Date November 2015
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Tackling diabetes in Europe


Since 1991 some 892 projects directly or indirectly impacting diabetic patients have been funded, with research work including novel treatments, beta-cell imaging technologies, artificial pancreases, immunotherapies and solutions to counter diabetes side-effects. This edition of the research*eu results magazine focuses on some of the latest results brought about thanks to these EU-funded
initiatives. These include research specifically focused on diabetes such as innovative footwear, an app to scan food for carbohydrate levels and new RNA diagnostics to predict diabetes occurrence and design exercise plans to fight it, but also broader food-related innovation that could be beneficial to diabetic patients. A total of 10 projects are covered in the special feature section of this magazine.
This section is followed by our usual insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, environment and society, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies and space, as well as a new section fully dedicated to security research.



  • Molecular determinants of inflammation
  • Exposure therapy for anorexia nervosa
  • The value of junk DNA
  • A novel biosensor for enteric pathogens
  • The cardiovascular system in diabetes

Industrial Technologies

  • Effects of taxation in time of financial distress
  • The plight of migrant workers
  • New conservation products for historic building materials
  • Increasing passenger comfort thanks to virtual reality
  • New packaging materials from cheese
  • Sustainable chemical production
  • Laundry with less water and less time
  • Safer and greener flame retardants
  • New ceramic materials
  • Cutting-edge technology in the fight against global financial crime
  • Prepare for landing on planets

Digital Economy

  • Enhancing the global travel experience
  • Efficient control software
  • Spying out user preferences

Climate Change and Environment

  • Cleaner skies over Athens
  • Improved and increased turbot production
  • Bee movements control reproduction
  • Plankton monitoring for climate change


  • Advanced protection from solar storms
  • Cryogenic space exploration missions
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