Research*EU Magazine | Number 49 (February 2016)

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Series Details Number 49
Publication Date February 2016
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EC ZZ-AC-16-001-EN-N
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Preserving our cultural heritage


This first 2016 issue of the Research*EU magazine is dedicated to this newly found power of cultural heritage, through the presentation of project results that raise hope of a more in-depth analysis, better conservation and more effective transmission of findings — notably thanks to new information and communication technologies.

This special feature is followed by eight sections providing insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, the environment, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies, security and safety, and space, along with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • Maternal obesity linked with offspring health
  • How hybrid species evolve
  • Nanopores ID molecules
  • Super resolution for imaging proteins
  • Neanderthal bones reveal their secrets
  • Insect hormone leads to new pesticides

Industrial Technologies

  • Accurate horizontal merger policy
  • Understanding Eurosceptic voters
  • Novel recycling methods for helicopter parts
  • Retrofitting the easy way thanks to new set of ICT tools
  • Next-generation robots automate large-scale industrial processes
  • New mobile welding device created
  • Robots boosting competitive advantage of European timber industry
  • Novel rotor retaining sleeves for air conditioning systems in aircrafts
  • Forecasting space weather


  • Tackling challenges faced by the wind resource industry
  • Reducing pollutants from ship exhausts
  • Developing sorghum crop as a source for biofuels
  • Inorganic polymers bring insulation to the next level
  • EU project opens up potential for energy-efficient windows

Climate Change and Environment

  • Greening concrete with secondary raw materials
  • Secrets of algal blooms revealed
  • How bird communities evolve and spread
  • Improving refrigeration technology
  • Victim-offender dialogue as transformative for victims of crime
  • Making railways a safer place

Digital Economy

  • 3D assistance for the visually impaired
  • Helping businesses build software
  • Quality surveillance video
  • Keeping our electricity supply safe
  • Ephemerides updated with old observations
  • Small engine to set small satellites free
  • Multi-Gbits/s network technology for space
  • Joint stakeholder efforts shape tomorrow’s digital culture
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