Research*EU Magazine | Number 5 (September 2011)

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Publication Date September 2011
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Exploration of space: embarking on the final frontier


We are dedicating this issue’s theme to ‘Exploration of space: embarking on the final frontier.’ We also want to point out that the World Space Week will take place in the first half of October. The World Space Week is the largest public space event and is celebrated in 55 countries. We speak to Manuel Collados, project coordinator at the EU-funded ‘European Solar Telescope’ (EST) project. EST will become a 4-metre class solar telescope in the Canary Islands. It will measure the thermal, dynamic and magnetic properties of the Sun’s plasma. The telescope is now in its conceptual design study stage. Mr Collados gives us compelling insight into the future of European ground-based astronomy and the technological wonders that continue to inspire a new generation of researchers.

However, first we start off the issue with an article in the biology and medicine section on new treatments that could block the transmission of malaria — a deadly and yet utterly preventable disease.

The energy and transport section leads with an article on integrating photovoltaic panels into textiles. Next in the environment and society section we take a closer look at Saturn. Astronomers have been observing a massive storm brewing in its atmosphere since last December.

In our IT and telecommunications section, EU researchers are proving that learning can be an integral part of working life.

The industrial technology section leads with a story on how a new project is exploiting nanotechnology to make super composite materials and polymers. The results could sustainably reduce industry polymer costs.


Climate Change and Environment

  • RTD Success Stories - Intelligent approaches to achieving pesticide-free produce
  • Carbon export is making waves
  • Human rights and minorities in South Asia
  • Hedge funds, social networks and risk
  • Protecting soil biodiversity with better land use
  • Food for all
  • Currents of the second Somali migration wave

Transport and Mobility

  • Better rail research for Serbia

Digital Economy

  • Project Success Stories - New ways to work, learn and collaborate
  • More robust satellite navigation
  • Blueprint for a global carbon observation network
  • Balkan agriculture goes high-tech

ndustrial Technologies

  • RTD Success Stories - Micro-machining … when the cutting edge really matters
  • Synchronising electrons for sensors
  • Reliable communications in times of crisis
  • Close-up on driver safety technology
  • Innovative biocomposites for structural applications
  • New techniques developed to improve wireless systems
  • Diffractive optics light up with potential
  • Knowledge-based development of tailored nanocomposites
  • Boosting European mining industry
  • New actuator technology boosts industry
  • Europe needs an innovation-driven economy
  • Rescuing the Baltic Sea's historical shipwrecks


  • Higher-efficiency solar panels with no increase in price
  • Energy end-users to get better service
  • New laser process to improve glass structure
  • Turning sound waves into a 'heat wave'
  • Pre-combustion research to slash power plant emissions
  • Eye in the sky measures biomass potential
  • Reducing energy use in the personal care product sector
  • EU researchers develop wearable solar panels
  • Nano-crystal research to revolutionise electronics
  • Improved sandwich panels to boost building energy efficiency
  • Making good use of biodiesel waste


  • Polar plankton reveals secrets of the carbon cycle
  • Nanotechnology and sea salts to heal the skin
  • Better tools to explain membrane protein dynamics
  • Malaria-blocking strategies
  • What connects sign language and trafficking? Proteins
  • Environmental effects on reproductive system
  • Understanding disease resistance in plant cross-breeding
  • Pan-European initiative to reduce alcohol consumption
  • Coumarin therapy — Optimising patient dosage and safety
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