Research*EU Magazine | Number 50 (March 2016)

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Series Details Number 50
Publication Date March 2016
ISSN 1977-4028
EC ZZ-AC-16-002-EN-N
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Biomarkers to track down disease


The European Medicines Agency hopes that biomarkers will eventually contribute to faster public access to new medicines and has been taking various measures to help make this vision a reality, while research keeps moving forward. With this edition of the Research*EU magazine, the CORDIS editorial team wanted to highlight the potential of biomarkers by presenting some of the latest FP7 project results in this field. Early results from some Horizon 2020 projects funded under an SME Instrument call, specifically dedicated to the clinical validation of existing biomarkers and/or diagnostic devices, are presented.

This special feature is followed by eight sections providing insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, the environment, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies, food and agriculture and physics and mathematics, along with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • Molecular therapies for heart failure
  • The genetics behind parental care
  • New perspective for human genomics tools

Climate Change and Environment

  • The hominids of Ain Hanech
  • EU study suggests a ‘right policy mix’ for the future ETS

Industrial Technologies

  • A new approach to democracy and human rights
  • The impact of Europeanisation on civil society
  • Novel system removes debris from compressor
  • Making better phosphine-borane polymers
  • Creating durable greenhouse plastics
  • Innovative tools for optimal tax schemes
  • New techniques to tailor nanomaterials
  • Hybrid Photonic Metamaterials at the Multiscale


  • Ground-breaking research for efficient long-life lighting

Digital Economy

  • Better remote control of humanoid robots
  • A new take on revenue management models
  • Smart helmet and garment to help save motorcycle riders in the event of a crash
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