Research*EU Magazine | Number 52 (May 2016)

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Publication Date May 2016
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Fish or Seafood. Feeding humanity while maintaining nature's balance


In Europe, the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) aims to achieve just that by making sure that EU citizens are provided with a stable, secure and healthy food supply over the long term with a prosperous fishing sector. Tackling overfishing and promoting aquaculture are two cornerstones of this vision — also supported by investment under FP7 and Horizon 2020. For EU-funded researchers, priorities include competitive and environmentally-friendly fisheries and aquaculture, cross-cutting marine research, animal welfare and the preservation of marine biodiversity.

This edition of the Research*EU magazine puts some of the most recent and representative projects under the spotlight, with one main underlying question: are we any closer to striking a sustainable balance between fish preservation and easy access to seafood? This special feature is followed by the usual eight sections providing insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, the environment, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies, food and agriculture, and physics and mathematics, along with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.


Special feature: Fish or seafood. Feeding humanity while maintaining nature's balance


  • The clinical relevance of tumour heterogeneity
  • Mechanisms of cancer-related drug resistance
  • Nature-inspired 'glue' to fix broken bones
  • The role of immunoglobulin D in autoimmunity
  • Human stem cell destiny determination
  • Immigrant populations in focus
  • Extensive exploration of personalised nutrition as a way to better health
  • More effective teaching of Irish reading
  • Innovative model for understanding risk trading and global markets
  • Lower risk factors for better learning
  • Promising new wing concepts for more efficient air transport
  • Electrical treatment can clean contaminated environments
  • Fire-resistant composite materials
  • Safe and quality feed for European livestock
  • Superconducting and ferromagnetic ingredients for nanohybrids
  • Light propagation in a nonlinear medium
  • New insight into solar cell function
  • The evolution of killer whale dialects
  • Offshore platforms for sustainable development of ocean resources
  • Mammal’s response to environmental changes
  • Here comes the rain again – Improved statistical models of floods
  • Novel protocols and algorithms to optimise wireless networks
  • Enhanced cryptography means more secure data
  • New on-chip light sources for silicon photonics
  • STEM resources repository helps improve teaching across Europe
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