Research*EU Magazine | Number 53 (June 2016)

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Series Details Number 53
Publication Date June 2016
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Exoplanets: The hope of life beyond Earth


This month’s special feature focuses on EU-funded exoplanet research projects that hope to lift the veil on the mysteries of planet formation or provide more detailed information on their potential habitability.

It is followed by the usual eight sections providing insights into biology and medicine, social sciences and humanities, energy and transport, the environment and society, IT and telecommunications, industrial technologies, security and safety, and space, along with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.


Special Feature: Exoplanets: The hope of life beyond Earth


  • Drugs released by magnets
  • Bioartificial liver therapy
  • Therapeutic contact lenses
  • Molecular markers of radiation-induced cancer improve risk estimates

Industrial Technologies

  • Multifaceted approach to measuring societal wellbeing
  • Smarter social activism for a better world
  • Innovative solutions for traffic management and urban mobility
  • Europe's drought hazard, impacts, vulnerability and future
  • Geothermal fluids at supercritical conditions
  • Automatic parachute landing
  • The science of droplets
  • The early universe in focus
  • Galactic jets and their engines


  • Saving up sun for a rainy day
  • Innovative wind power drivetrains with improved components

Climate Change and Environment

  • Pollen studies help protect West African biodiversity

Digital Economy

  • How we locate limbs improves computer interfaces
  • Ozwillo brings public services together in a single, online platform
  • Smart “electronic” paper products enhance competitiveness of print industry
  • What do I spy with my little eye?


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