Research*EU Magazine | Number 6 (October 2011)

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Series Details Number 6
Publication Date October 2011
ISSN 1831-9947
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Health and ageing: new therapies and technologies to improve well-being


We start off the issue with an article in the biology and medicine section on how hearing impairments among the elderly can bring about a sense of isolation.

The energy and transport section leads with an article on a comparative study between different commercial petrol grades. The research shows how to best measure fuel consumption in motor vehicles.

Next in the environment and society section we take a closer look at the Antarctic. Scientists have found that organisms in the region are unable to adapt fast enough to changes in the environment.

In our IT and telecommunications section, EU researchers are developing an assessment tool to evaluate the health-care needs of the elderly in nursing homes.

The industrial technology section leads with a story on the risk assessment criteria for engineered nanomaterials.

The issue then ends with a list of events and upcoming conferences in the field of research and technology


Climate Change and Environment

  • Plankton research mimics the open ocean
  • Mirroring society's knowledge effectively
  • EU gets creative to attract science and tech students
  • Better construction is built in clusters
  • Infrastructure recycling hits the road
  • How to tame waves, numerically speaking
  • Clusters provide economic benefits for wood sector
  • Saving the world's wetlands
  • Public participation in greener urban transport
  • Science for everyone, every day
  • Humanities research matters!
  • Concerns about secret surveillance
  • Safe transport on both sides of the Mediterranean


  • Small-molecule solar cell boosts power efficiency
  • Dynamics of quantum gravity theories examined
  • New low-cost photovoltaic technology
  • Streamlining from drawing board to take-off
  • Turning sound waves into a 'heat wave'
  • Robust energy scenarios to guide EU policies
  • Car fuel cells to enjoy longer life
  • Removing carbon dioxide from syngas before combustion
  • Keeping solar panels clean for maximum efficiency

Transport and Mobility

  • Auto-assessment of vehicle composites

Digital Economy

  • Better research collaboration helps economy
  • Materials for electronics that operate in harsh environments
  • Effective crisis communication after an attack
  • Science on air
  • Road safety goes high-tech
  • Global networking to tackle global challenges
  • Deactivating the terrorist plot

Industrial Technologies

  • Smaller technology than ever
  • Europe conquers the high seas
  • Debating the ethics of security technologies
  • New markets for volcanic rock
  • Turkey gets tough on food packaging
  • Manufacturing durable textiles from plant fibres


  • Mental illness among the elderly
  • Transgenesis can help plants protect against stress
  • Nanotech illuminates bioresearch
  • Optimising diabetes management with better diagnostics
  • Budding yeast to reveal the secrets of DNA repair
  • Cryogenics gets the nod in structural biology studies
  • Hydrogels to take on cancer
  • Sensors that make sense
  • Expanding stem cells for successful transplantation
  • Genomic epidemiology to identify disease biomarkers
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