Research*EU Magazine | Number 65 (August/September 2017)

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Series Details Number 65
Publication Date August-September 2017
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Stemming the blood cancer tide


With September being ‘Blood Cancer Awareness Month’, this issue of Research*EU Magazine is shining a light on this group of diseases affecting the blood, bone marrow or lymphatic system. Thankfully, survival rates over five years have grown but as many of the conditions within this diverse group are cancer still continue to be fatal, constant research into new treatment options is needed. Thanks in part to EU-funded research under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes, European scientists have been at the forefront of game-changing new treatments.

Besides these projects, which are all introduced in this magazine, others are presented across nine themes of research: health, society, energy, environment, aquatic resources, industry, information and communication technologies, security and fundamental research. The magazine closes with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • Oral immunotherapy for cystic fibrosis
  • Fruitful research on tackling food allergies
  • New medical software that tracks heart disease in individual patients brought closer to roll-out
  • Monitoring drug-levels in transplant patients
  • Power for research into mitochondrial disease and treatment
  • New, ex vivo diagnostic system helps predict cancer patient response to treatment


  • Expanding the preventative archaeology toolbox in Eastern Europe
  • Finnish study reveals link between unemployment and diabetes
  • Social sustainability in compact neighbourhoods
  • French migration and fertility decline


  • New grids on the block: Sparking the energy evolution
  • Smart neighbourhoods exchange energy
  • Tidal energy reaches another milestone
  • Milestone reached in geothermal deep drilling project

Climate Change and Environment

  • Improved predictions for weather and climate
  • How studying contaminant flows through river systems can help cut pollution
  • In-depth analysis of long-term trends for severe weather and climatic events
  • The impact of sunshine on mussel beds
  • Impact of human pressures on the Mediterranean Sea’s ecosystem

Industrial Technologies

  • ‘Sensitive’ buildings adapt to changes
  • A sustainable way to treat manufacturing effluent
  • New insight into natural slate solves roofing market’s problems
  • New polymer composites for organic bioelectronics

Digital Economy

  • Combining operational and analytical databases in a single platform
  • Revolutionising optical communication networks
  • Bioinformatics for newborn infectious diseases reaches the clouds
  • Navigating the rapids of Big Data stream opportunities


  • Innovative method and technological solutions to foil cyberattacks on utility companies
  • Improvements to machine-intelligence will improve accuracy and speed up police investigations
  • Flexible disaster management

Fundamental Research

  • Improving the sensitivity of atomic sensors
  • Tailoring light-molecule interaction at the nanoscale
  • Human brain inspires new era of Big Data processing
  • Graphene-based spintronics for next-gen molecular electronic devices

Food and Natural Resources

  • Effect of vegetarian feeds on farmed fish
  • New recommendations for growth of organic aquaculture
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