Research*EU Magazine | Number 67 (November 2017)

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Publication Date November 2017
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Digging out the secrets of black holes


This issue of the Research*EU Magazine examines the most recent black hole-related research made possible by EU funding. It then follows up with our usual thematic sections: health, society, energy, environment, aquatic resources, industry, information and communication technologies, security and fundamental research. The magazine closes with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



Special Feature- Digging out the secrets of black holes


  • New, tumour-specific therapy for colorectal cancer patients
  • Fast, accurate malaria test identifies specific parasites
  • ELR-based patches and hydrogels to treat ischaemic diseases
  • Obese people less likely to consider their next meal when considering portion sizes
  • New drug can track down MRSA to the farthest reaches


  • Re-framing the EU’s commitment to human rights
  • Immigrants’ labour market status in Western Europe
  • Transnational courts need to shape up
  • Research-based welfare reform
  • The effects of Chinese investment


  • How to increase support for new power lines
  • Academia and industry collaborate over subsurface CO2 storage
  • Waste is a dirty word in the circular economy

Climate Change and Environment

  • For successful river basin adaptation planning, just add stakeholders
  • Warning that a three degree rise in temperature will ‘cancel out’ European emission reduction efforts
  • Tracking Europe’s water footprint, identifying potential economic vulnerability
  • Next-generation marine sensors to protect the world’s oceans

Industrial Technologies

  • Looking to the future through the first autonomous artificial iris
  • Assessing the risks of nanomaterials along their lifecycle, for product and process safety by design
  • Nanotechnology enters the realm of superconductors
  • New technique to deliver environment-friendly and innovative coating for composite parts
  • Graphene helps shift the paradigm for nonlinear photonic integrated circuits

Digital Economy

  • Emergent behaviour from collective systems underpins the success of ‘smart networks’
  • Advanced digital printing technology brings smart fabrics to life
  • ICT that encourages people to save water
  • My teacher is a robot
  • Are we just a click away from the age of ‘enriched reporting’?


  • A modular solution for quick, efficient and secure EU border security
  • A harmonised playing field for the European security industry
  • How to gear up against cyber crime

Fundamental Research

  • More than the sum of their parts: expanding the scope of particle accelerators
  • Unpacking the ‘black-box’ of scanning probe microscopes for the next generation
  • How neural mechanisms impact arithmetic processing

Food and Natural Resources

  • Fishing around for sustainable solutions


  • Hawking radiation now better understood thanks to in-lab experiments
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