Research*EU Magazine | Number 7 (November 2011)

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Publication Date November 2011
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Infectious diseases: international leadership tackling major health concerns


The EU-funded ‘Recombinant pharmaceuticals from plants for human health’ (Pharma-Planta) project is developing pharmaceutical proteins made in plants to produce affordable medicine on a massive scale. They created an antibody that neutralises HIV and human clinical trials are already under way. We speak to Professor Rainer Fischer and Professor Julian Ma, two Pharma-Planta researchers who discuss the science behind the project and its possible worldwide implications.

Indeed, the extraordinary research conducted in the EU against such infections is the reason why we dedicated this issue of Research*EU magazine to ‘Infectious diseases: international leadership tackling major health concerns’. But first we start off the issue with an article in the biology and medicine section on a new approach to tackling malaria through protein synthesis.

The energy and transport section leads with an article on how new technology could turn olive oil production waste into efficient biofuel.

Next in the environment and society section we take a closer look at how the world views Europe and its role on the world stage.

In our IT and telecommunications section, EU researchers are developing mobile technology to support HIV treatment in India.

The industrial technology section leads with a story on a project that aims to develop enhanced tools to better diagnose tumours.

The issue then ends with a list of events and upcoming conferences in the field of research and technology.



  • Furthering the promise of renewable energy
  • Smart solutions for Europe's integrated power grid
  • Researchers investigate fluorinated compounds

Climate Change and Environment

  • Solar power and desalination in the Med
  • People power
  • Relationships factor into adolescent turmoil
  • Corals reveal secrets of ocean carbon-cycling
  • Better temperature control in fish farms
  • Social sciences powerhouse
  • Perceptions of Europe in the world

Digital Economy

  • Safer hydrogen fuel handling
  • The EU prepares to understand ageing
  • Trans-Atlantic team dig deep into Earth
  • EU-funded scientists tackle Iwasawa theory gaps
  • The wireless revolution gets healthy
  • Better future frameworks
  • IT software to model nanostructures
  • Stopping dangerous cracks in their tracks
  • Establishing the basis for intelligent transport systems


  • The bioethical imperative
  • Cancer intelligence access across Europe
  • Overcoming drug resistance in bacteria
  • Improving HIV+ patient adherence
  • Rapid point-of-care testing for influenza
  • Herpes infection increases HIV susceptibility in women
  • Protein interactions during disease
  • New combination therapies combat fungal infection
  • Bringing home the trophy
  • Why the straw broke the camel’s back
  • Antibiotic for drug-resistant bacteria


  • Preparing for a crisis

Industrial Technologies

  • Innovation in food processing to flourish
  • Better understanding of interfacial waves to benefit industry
  • The true measure of EU nanometrology
  • Squeezing profits out of olive oil production residues
  • Better policies for better value chains
  • Making urban transport safer
  • Making greenhouses greener
  • Nano study may increase potable water supplies
  • All systems go for electric propulsion technologies
  • Smart fibres for body temperature regulation
  • Impressive leap for transport research
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