Research*EU Magazine | Number 73 (June 2018)

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Publication Date June 2018
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To Mars and beyond: Europe's push to the final frontier


In this 73rd edition of the Research*EU Magazine, we shed light on efforts preparing the ground for the Exomars mission; the next-generation of space farming technologies; novel telecommunications for outer space; the relatively new notion of “planetary protection” from outer solar system bodies; a new rover concept for Moon exploration; a new facility to host space samples; and, last but not least, efforts to reduce the environmental impact of (what we hope) will be an increasing number of space launches. And because Mars is only the beginning of a new era, we close the section with a recap of the achievements of ETAEARTH – the EU project responsible for identifying the closest-to-Earth exoplanets observed by the Kepler mission.

The magazine continues with our usual thematic sections, as well as a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • Regeneration of the damaged heart
  • New software detects abnormal brain patterns in patients with epilepsy
  • Air pollution and cognitive performance in children
  • ‘Hearing loss in a dish’ model tests new treatments


  • Geopolitics and food security – control and power
  • The effect of culture on infants’ development of communication
  • Fashion accessories in the Late Iron Age and Roman period, Europe
  • Imagination drives scientific modelling


  • Microbial fuel cells treat micro-scale industrial and agriculture waste
  • Enabling energy efficiency in urban planning
  • Closing the gap between predicted and actual energy savings
  • New reliability criteria for power system management
  • Nuclear materials developed for a sustainable future

Climate Change and Environment

  • Tiny particles high up in the sky give insight into climate change
  • Green urban infrastructure for better living
  • Understanding how microorganisms adapt to their surroundings
  • Ecosystems’ true value identified
  • Urban adaptation to climate change

Industrial Technologies

  • A new generation of scientists sets the stage for Industry 4.0
  • A long-awaited modernisation of ceramic production methods
  • Classification for nanomaterials of the future
  • Manufacturing materials and methods for greener, more customisable and higher quality products
  • Environmentally friendly and innovative trawl doors

Digital Economy

  • Expanding HPC to cloud computing and big data
  • Researchers deliver open-source simulator for cyber physical systems
  • Social television — engaging the audience with an interactive app
  • The JUWELS in the supercomputing crown

Fundamental Research

  • Quantum networks hold key to future communication

Food and Natural Resources

  • The mechanisms of plant ageing
  • The real effects of nanoparticles in their environment
  • New sensors to track the health of our oceans

Transport and Mobility

  • Active mobility pairs up with transport in the healthiest cities
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