Research*EU Magazine | Number 74 (July 2018)

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Publication Date July 2018
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The future's bright, the future's Big Data


With this issue of the Research*EU Magazine, we wanted to get a sense of the future of Big Data. Will it become more accessible? Can its potential translate into applications that will change society for the better? To answer these questions, we delved into concrete applications for the likes of call centres, driverless cars and healthcare, but also into more horizontal research aiming to bridge the gap between the needs of businesses and often too complex and too expensive data mining software. All in all, our special feature section covers 11 recently or soon-to-be completed projects.

The magazine continues with our usual thematic sections, as well as a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • Microwave for breast cancer detection
  • World’s first non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation stress reducer
  • New classification approach for inflammatory bowel disease
  • Salmonella as a cancer cure?
  • No more bath-time anxiety for at-home bedridden patients


  • A new social science data archive service for Europe
  • New online platform to make public budgets more transparent
  • A new method based on tooth microstructure for life history detection

Transport and Mobility

  • Laying the groundwork for Shift2Rail’s technological revolution
  • Small hybrid-electric aircraft on the horizon
  • Smart, automated charging technology for electric vehicles
  • e-Bikes for everyone, soon in a city near you!

Climate Change and Environment

  • Algae-based fertiliser turns vegetable farming green
  • Impact of rodenticides on vole and predator populations
  • Reanalysing past climate data is key to understanding future climate change

Food and Natural Resources

  • Smarter biological controls
  • Novel technology for better cattle vaccines
  • Heat treatment protects honey bees from crippling virus
  • Orchard-specific fruit tree management

Industrial Technologies

  • Advanced mobile technology to manage underground utilities
  • Microwave technology for asphalt surface repairs
  • Humans and robots working safely hand in hand

Digital Economy

  • It’s as easy as abcde for virtual reality healthcare education
  • Artificial intelligence gives a boost to online customer service
  • A ‘social’ virtual assistant for migrants


  • Solar flare forecasting service to be launched shortly
  • Dark matter: searching for the invisible in the universe’s tiniest galaxies
  • Coastline flooding threat assessed from space

Fundamental Research

  • A step forward in topological quantum computation
  • High-sensitivity single-photon detectors prepared for commercialisation
  • Gamma-ray laser moves a step closer to reality
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