Research*EU Magazine | Number 75 (August/September 2018)

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Publication Date August/September 2018
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A decade since disaster: Lessons from the economic crisis


With this issue of the Research*EU Results Magazine, on the 10th anniversary of Lehman’s collapse, we wanted to showcase 14 finished or soon-to-be-finished projects that have delved deep into the causes, consequences and lessons learnt from the crisis. Many of the projects express their hope that their findings can be positively used by policymakers to help address the social challenges still left unresolved by the 2008-2010 crisis, whilst others have devised innovative solutions that will help regulators and policymakers to predict and/or mitigate the effects of a future downturn.

The magazine then continues with our nine regular thematic sections, as well as a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.


Fundamental Research

  • Off-the-shelf heart valves
  • Synaptic maintenance in ageing neurons
  • Using graphene as a supercharged magnifying glass
  • Tiny quantum device to redefine ampere
  • European excellence in gravitational wave research

Digital Economy

  • A mobile application for diabetes
  • Exposing state crimes and human rights abuses through architecture
  • New platform for plumbing the sea depths
  • A new, digitised era for European manufacturing
  • An exoskeleton for paraplegics
  • The new era of digital paper
  • Small and flexible European computer solution for the cyber-physical age


  • New test saves breast cancer patients unnecessary chemotherapy and healthcare costs


  • Working towards sustainable peace
  • New research reveals mechanisms behind the principle of divide and rule


  • The keys to successful biomethane production
  • Expanding the potential of Concentrated Solar Power
  • Crowdfunding a perfect solution to boost renewable energy projects

Climate Change and Environment

  • The high cost of Arctic change
  • Erosion-risk tools developed for fire-affected volcanic terrain
  • New technique sheds light on the above ground biomass of tropical rainforests

Food and Natural Resources

  • Fishing for new ways to expand the EU’s aquaculture industry

Industrial Technologies

  • Sustainable extraction of raw materials from oceanic depths
  • Cooperative foundries offer SMEs small-batch production
  • Lightweight, porous materials set to benefit numerous applications


  • Anticipating a new form of terrorism and helping first responders take action

Transport and Mobility

  • GAMMA project hands over the keys to future air traffic management
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