Research*EU Magazine | Number 76 (October 2018)

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Publication Date October 2018
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Special Feature: Mental health, and undercover epidemic


The Research*EU magazine showcases a broad range of research and innovation results, making it an essential dissemination channel for Horizon 2020 projects.After 75 issues, the magazine is being relaunched, with a revamped and refreshed look and content. We are confident that the impact of CORDIS will grow, as it tracks the breakthroughs of EU research and innovation efforts and communicates them beyond the world of research.

In this the first special section of our newly revamped Research*eu magazine, we’re playing our part in raising awareness of mental health disorders and the individuals who struggle with them on a daily basis. We’re doing this by showcasing some of the innovative EU-funded projects that have dedicated themselves to developing solutions (medical, technological and policy-based) to tackle the mental health crisis in Europe and worldwide.



  • A novel vaccine against prostate cancer
  • A fundamental change in the delivery of robust, reliable and sustainable healthcare in the home
  • AI improves identification of mosquitoes for better disease control

Industrial Technologies

  • Maximising support for migrant youth across the EU
  • Understanding the full-potential of metallic foam


  • More sensitive modelling for better economic forecasting
  • Reconstructing the paths of Roman travellers from Italy to Serbia

Transport and Mobility

  • Holistic approach increases safety for two-wheeled vehicles
  • New aircraft seat protects passengers’ health
  • Making cars and planes lighter and cleaner using unidirectional fibre tapes

Climate Change and Environment

  • Ecosystem value to innovative water technologies demonstrated
  • Establishing why some tree populations survive drought while others decline
  • New weathering analysis accurately traces the geochemical flux beneath the Earth’s surface

Food and Natural Resources

  • Intelligent ‘health-check’ for farms goes head to head with crop diseases
  • Sustainable ‘pestiSide’ for long-lasting grain protection

Digital Economy

  • End-to-end networking solution for low-power, cost-efficient and scalable datacentre networks
  • Robots go to school
  • Diamond-based sensors enable spintronics and next-generation MRI
  • Space IoT takes off


  • 40-year-old data keeps shedding light on the Moon’s seismology

Fundamental Research

  • Coupling models describe the kinetic processes in plasma
  • Physicists use waveguides to boost the practical potential of Terahertz spectroscopy

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: A new ceramic-based solution for reusing wastewater

Life after...

  • Catching up with LARA: A second, better quality prototype to take on the market
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