Research*EU Magazine | Number 77 (November 2018)

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Publication Date November 2018
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Special Feature: Charged up and ready to roll! Electric vehicles take to the road


In this issue of Research*EU Magazine we’re having a closer look at innovative EU-funded efforts to increase the appeal, range and functionality of electric vehicles.

This month’s Project of the Month feature focuses on Pepper, a humanoid robot working under the CARESSES project, who made history by being the first robot to give evidence to a parliamentary panel, specifically the UK’s House of Commons Education Select Committee. Pepper provided insights on how artificial intelligence can contribute to the world’s ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

Life After catches up with one of the key researchers of the now-closed SHDS project that has been working towards stronger earthquake defences. You can also find out about some of the most intriguing EU-funded project events and relevant international days in EU Agenda, and, as per usual, catch up with the latest developments in our nine regular thematic sections.



  • Closer to a stem cell therapy for Huntington’s Disease
  • Paving the way to a new generation of non-invasive sensors to identify abnormal heart rhythms reliably
  • Could targeting our immune responses help in the fight against hypertension?


  • New insights into the role of Coptic monasteries in the economy of late antique Egypt
  • More power to social enterprises in rural regions


  • Social gaming for better energy efficiency in public buildings
  • Coordinated ocean energy efforts herald a new industrial sector
  • Surface chemistry between graphene and ionic liquids

Climate Change and Environment

  • High winds for power generation
  • New research on carbon dioxide storage in porous rocks
  • From East-Asian monsoons to the jets on Jupiter, a new set of models helps interpret climate systems

Food and Natural Resources

  • Benefit for consumers as authorities supporting food authenticity research collaborate more closely
  • A new take on resilience in food systems – a focus beyond efficiency to sustainability and vulnerability
  • How forest management strategies should account for their carbon sequestration potential

Industrial Technologies

  • Better performing carbon fibres at reduced cost to profit and planet
  • Smart robots master the art of gripping

Digital Economy

  • Smart, safe and portable measurement solutions for rail, auto and steel industries
  • Smart functionalities to bring order to Wi-Fi chaos
  • Novel AI-based software for better musical inspiration, creativity and composition
  • Smarter drones to support Europe’s police forces


  • Enhanced preparedness and response plans for pandemics

Fundamental Research

  • Electron stopping power showcases its potential

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: A world first as EU-funded project robot gives evidence on AI in a parliamentary hearing

Life after...

  • Catching up with SHDS: Working towards stronger earthquake defences
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