Research*EU Magazine | Number 78 (January 2019)

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Publication Date December 2018
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Special Feature: A secure and high-quality food system, from farm, factory to fork


December can be a glutinous month (with January of course being an attempt for many to make up for festive culinary sins), so we have focused our special feature not just on food, but efforts specifically aimed towards ensuring that the food we eat is both high-quality and, crucially, safe to consume. Our special feature highlights 7 EU-funded projects developing and/or utilising the most modern technologies to provide Europe with a safe, robust and high-quality food system.

Elsewhere, Life After catches up with Cellply, an innovative Italian SME that spearheaded the EU-funded ONCOSMART project that has developed a truly exciting ex vivo diagnostic system to help make personalised cancer treatment a reality. In Project of the Month, we feature the OptiNanoPro project that recently won a prestigious award for its new technology in the field of advanced nano-materials. And finally, check out EU Agenda to see which EU-funded project-led events and relevant international days are upcoming.


Digital Economy

  • Pharmawizard: complete healthcare services in one app
  • Sound software for fault detection in machinery
  • Cataloguing media content by AI-based, automated, real-time analysis and processing
  • More stories, more sense from Big Data
  • One step closer to a truly secure and trustworthy cloud
  • A unitary theory of metric analysis helps unveil structures within data


  • Bone-eating giant cell provides clues to brittle bones and other disorders


  • Reform strategy to make Europe more innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Uncorking Egypt’s wine heritage

Transport and Mobility

  • Cross-border collaboration positions Latvian university as regional expert in smart transportation
  • Extending the range of electric vehicles

Climate Change and Environment

  • Drones soar up to clouds to understand ice-formation effect on climate
  • Citizen science and improved modelling for a better understanding of climate dynamics
  • New study uncovers the behaviour of cosmic rays in the Heliosphere

Food and Natural Resources

  • Lighting the way to sustainable fishing
  • Strategies for promoting gastronomy across Europe

Industrial Technologies

  • Safe and sustainable geopolymer concrete
  • Lead-free bearings for greener large-bore engines


  • New nanosatellite energy solution increases reliability and efficiency, at reduced cost

Fundamental Research

  • Role of consonant bias in word learning in infants

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: An award for using ultrasound to create advanced industrial materials

Life after...

  • Catching up with ONCOSMART: Rolling out an innovative solution for better personalised cancer treatment


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