Research*EU Magazine | Number 79 (February 2019)

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Special Feature: Helping the 5 in 10000 innovative therapies against rare diseases


Up to 36 million Europeans are right now, as you read these words, afflicted by one of around 6 000 conditions classified as rare diseases. In anticipation of the globally-marked Rare Disease Day on 28 February, we wanted to shine a light on some of the most exciting EU-funded research being carried out to find treatments and therapies to help those patients coping with life-changing rare conditions.

Meanwhile, in our Project of the Month feature, we’re showcasing the winner of the extremely prestigious Innovation Radar prize which was awarded during the European Commission’s ICT 2018 conference in Vienna that took place in December 2018. Even though we didn’t win the fight for a front row seat, CORDIS was actually there in Vienna to soak up the ambience and energy as the winner was announced (and we had a great time!).

In this month’s Life After we catch up with the VALCRI project that has developed a highly promising criminal intelligence analysis system that utilises the latest advances in Big Data.



  • Precision diagnosis and treatment for difficult-to-treat cancers
  • Translating big metabolomics data into molecular knowledge
  • Innovative new treatment for obesity will reduce impact of diabetes: is the ‘exercise pill’ just around the corner?


  • A research toolbox sheds light on social identity changes in Europe
  • Pioneering edition of Philodemus’ History of the Academy reveals 20 % more content


  • Exercising citizen power for a low carbon economy: a global first to make home fuel from atmospheric CO2
  • Smart storage heaters benefit households and business
  • Wind turbine for city rooftops

Climate Change and Environment

  • Mining waste for value in the EU
  • Satellites help predict sea ice hazards
  • The first onsite recycling solution for synthetic turf

Food and Natural Resources

  • Intuitive freshness indicator helps consumers reduce food waste
  • A ‘life-oriented’ paradigm for future agriculture
  • Advanced bioaerosol detection and modelling supports forecasting and mitigation efforts

Industrial Technologies

  • Better plastics through cleaner technology
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration for smaller facilities

Digital Economy

  • New router brings unshakeable connectivity to police cars and ambulances
  • ICT tracking technologies to promote walking and cycling
  • Coaching the European media community for success


  • Crowdsourcing emergency management services
  • Facing disasters: young people’s experience matters!

Fundamental Research

  • Game theory and AI offer more precise calculations for quantum physics
  • Watching a gas turn into a supersolid

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Showcasing the winner of the 2018 Innovation Radar Prize

Life after...

  • Catching up with VALCRI: Harnessing Big Data to successfully fight crime
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