Research*EU Magazine | Number 8 (December 2011)

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Series Details Number 8
Publication Date December 2011
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Components, systems and engineering


It is such a worthy and yet largely unrecognised field of science and technology that we dedicated an issue of Research*EU magazine to ‘Components, systems and engineering’. We look at cutting-edge nano-structures and -composites, new types of coatings, PVCs, foams and wood-based materials, to name just a few of the research results in this issue. As well as this special section, we still have our regular biology and medicine section.

The top story describes new gene therapy to combat degenerative brain diseases like Parkinson’s. Early breakthroughs by EU-funded researchers look promising.

In the energy and transport, section we investigate laser fusion energy as an innovative solution to meeting future energy demands in a safe and environmentally friendly way.



  • Proteins behaving badly: the effect on neurodegenerative disease
  • Slow release to quickly heal post-surgery wounds
  • The balancing act of appetite and burning fat
  • Can foods be redesigned for improved digestion?
  • Small proteins highlight problems in cellular activity
  • Responding on cue
  • How does your garden grow?
  • Lethal genetic interaction studied in plant
  • Wanted: young journalists to write about science
  • How will corals respond to climate change?
  • Why are diagrams useful reasoning tools?
  • Magnetic behaviour of silver fluorides studied
  • Preventing bacterial growth on implants
  • DNA arrays for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders
  • Immune dysfunction linked to mood disorders
  • Optimising post-operative pain management
  • Embryonic stem cells for liver disease therapy
  • Novel medical diagnostics for early cancer detection
  • Imaging cell fate after cell therapy

Fundamental Research

  • How the brain determines behaviour and movement

Industrial Technologies

  • A laser fusion facility for Europe
  • A foam sandwich to satisfy industry's appetite
  • Virtual humans reduce industry costs
  • Testing procedures for nanomaterials
  • Safer use of driver-assistance technologies
  • Science research — Reducing the gender gap
  • Microarrays to detect protein–ligand interactions
  • Reinventing the wheel

Digital Economy

  • EU freight logistics: sharing the load
  • Unified database and criteria needed for mouse models
  • Bridging human rights and the fight against terrorism
  • Supporting European grid technologies
  • Rating crisis communication
  • Making an online move for science
  • Researchers enjoy career and networking boost
  • Security services from satellites
  • EU-wide offices boost space research


  • Energy National Contact Points reviewed
  • Working with Africa towards a sustainable future
  • Russia's ambitious green scheme
  • Scientists fail to develop biosensors based on silicate nanoparticles
  • Renewable energy for the Western Balkans
  • Storing hydrogen in solid form for mobile application
  • From hydrogen to hydrogen with a few steps in between

Climate Change and Environment

  • Coordinating Mediterranean agricultural research
  • Better access to ocean data
  • A new model for tourism
  • The balancing act between ethics and security
  • First on the scene
  • Engineering-based food process control
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