Research*EU Magazine | Number 80 (March 2019)

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Publication Date March 2019
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Special Feature: From Asimov to all around us - Welcome to the robot revolution


Our special feature this month contains seven EU-funded projects that are at the forefront of the ongoing robotics revolution, as well as highlighting Europe’s pole position in the global competition for robotics’ innovation.

The wonders of technology are also showcased in Life After, where we have a catch-up with Dr Monica Gori, who was coordinator of the ABBI project, which has pioneered a wearable device that helps partially-sighted children develop a better sense of space and improve their social skills.



  • Helping cancer patients to manage their cancer effectively
  • A better understanding of how ALS spreads


  • A new platform to help writers and publishing professionals come together to create beautiful books
  • Transnational activities of far-right nationalist organisations
  • What the popular craze for Dickens at the turn of the last century can teach us today

Transport and Mobility

  • Smart analytics helping to ease traffic snarl-ups in urban mobility
  • Customised solutions to improve railway productivity

Digital Economy

  • Behaviour data for airport management
  • New platform for those with little coding experience in developing mobile apps
  • The science behind subtitling – how to enhance the user experience

Climate Change and Environment

  • Nano-scale clusters shed light on the fate of aerosols
  • N2-fixing bacteria can counter water deoxygenation, study finds

Industrial Technologies

  • New welding system builds storage tank market
  • Cutting-edge technology for green, cost-effective do-it-yourself house building


  • New device enables satellites to decommission themselves
  • On the chemical trail from star-forming clouds to planet-forming disks
  • European youth encouraged to reach for the stars

Fundamental Research

  • New methods unveil the true quantum nature of molecular collisions

Life after...

  • Catching up with ABBI: Commercialisation beckons for the unique bracelet for visually-impaired children
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