Research*EU Magazine | Number 82 (May 2019)

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Publication Date May 2019
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Special Feature: Defining Europe's role in a complex international order


In this month's special feature, we highlight eight EU-funded projects that have been working hard to, in one way or another, address the following question: What positive and influential role can the EU have in today’s world order (and especially in such turbulent times) with the tools currently at its disposal?

Meanwhile, away from the cut-throat world of international politics, in Life After we reconnect with the Greenrail project that has pioneered new and smart railway sleepers that promise not only to increase the comfort levels of your rail journey but also to help engineers modernise and future-proof Europe’s vast railway infrastructure to upgrade it for the challenges of the 21st century.

Project of the Month also returns after a brief hiatus, where we highlight innovative Spanish SME Submer and its SmartPodX, an Immersion Cooling solution for Hyperscalers, HPC and Data Centres that has been hailed as a ‘game-changer’ for the industry. And last but certainly not least, EU Agenda rounds up the latest EU-funded project events and conferences, and as always we welcome you to dip in and out of our regular nine thematic sections.



  • Personalised, adaptive, socially inclusive home-based cardiac rehabilitation
  • Online matchmaking services for personalised medicine research
  • Simple sleep diagnostics model foresees a good night's rest


  • Why possessing a ‘gay voice’ can lead to discrimination
  • Team finds Syriac dialect connected Greek and Arabic thought

Transport and Mobility

  • Towards a safer and more robust European railway sector
  • Autonomous inspection trolley for better train track maintenance

Digital Economy

  • Study sheds light on impact of inflight VR and AR
  • Cutting-edge toolset creates immersive multiscreen video experiences
  • Meeting societal challenges through cutting-edge computing
  • Cybersecurity system scans Internet of Things devices

Climate Change and Environment

  • New observation network could be the key to understanding climate change mechanisms
  • Boosted computing increases European weather forecasting accuracy
  • Tropical lichens reveal extent of biodiversity

Food and Natural Resources

  • A new automated system makes home-brew much simpler and quicker
  • Humane plug-and-play rodent control

Industrial Technologies

  • Dirt-cheap but strong-as-steel light metal joints
  • Ceramic additive manufacturing enters a new dimension
  • Tough marine-sourced enzymes ready to shake up industry


  • Advanced solution for satellite missions
  • Improved space weather forecasting protects vital infrastructure

Fundamental Research

  • Understanding the powers and limitations of algorithms to solve logic formulas
  • Single-molecule circuits lead way for miniaturising electronics

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Innovative Spanish SME launches its highly efficient and environmentally-friendly SmartPodX

Life after...

  • Catching up with Greenrail: Smart sleeper technology promises a railway revolution


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