Research*EU Magazine | Number 83 (June 2019)

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Publication Date June 2019
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Special Feature- Increasingly smart, increasingly sustainable: Europe's cities get an upgrade


In this issue of Research*EU Magazine, we're showcasing EU-funded projects that are using the very best new technologies have to offer to find durable and clean solutions to making our cities that little bit more pleasant.

Meanwhile, Project of the Month is celebrating the European contribution to a story that was arguably one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the century thus far – the first ever image of a real black hole.

EU Agenda gives you the lowdown on some of the best conferences and events featuring EU-funded projects taking place before the summer slowdown begins.



  • Pilot line for microfabricated medical devices – an opportunity for SMEs
  • A revolutionary technique for faster and more accurate regional anaesthesia
  • Healthier lifestyles by tapping football fans’ fervour


  • Who better to include in children’s literature studies than children themselves?
  • How ‘savage warfare’ characterised violence and control in Western imperialism
  • Educational multimedia tools bringing teens closer to science and technology


  • Making sure shale gas doesn’t fracture the society-energy relationship
  • The future of solar power with efficient and safe perovskite solar cells
  • New solution for open-air spent nuclear fuel dry storage

Climate Change and Environment

  • Analysing complex socio-economic interactions to improve our ability to tackle climate change
  • Microbial fuel cells help clean up waste water
  • Simulation model aims to facilitate climate change projections
  • Fish fitness trackers reveal response to changing environments

Food and Natural Resources

  • You are what you eat – healthier livestock through postbiotics
  • New solution to monitor meat quality and reduce waste

Industrial Technologies

  • Greener way to make a versatile pigment
  • Taking guesswork out of industrial crystal production

Digital Economy

  • Reservoir computing for multitasking sensors
  • AI-powered software a game-changer for 3D graphics


  • Factoring cultural differences into crowd safety and security at transport hubs
  • New set of guidelines bring crisis resilience to the next level
  • Oil and diamonds: Keeping Europe’s natural resource trade legal

Fundamental Research

  • New computational methods to study special materials
  • Single-photon detector for secure and superfast quantum communications

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Highlighting the European contribution that led to that first ever image of a black hole
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