Research*EU Magazine | Number 84 (July 2019)

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Publication Date July 2019
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Special Feature- Obesity: EU Research battles the bulge


This edition of Research*EU magazine covers obesity in their special feature, or more specifically how innovative EU-funded projects under the  Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and Horizon 2020 are undertaking dedicated research to answer the following crucial questions: What are the real root causes of obesity? How can better understanding of these causes help us develop better treatments? And how can we best support those who are currently overweight or obese?

In the Life After feature, we have a good catch up with the coordinator of the TIME SCALE project, who happily updates us on her team's efforts to develop out-of-this-world life support systems to allow the growth of crops and algae in a space-faring environment.

In Project of the Month we highlight the INTENS project, which contributed to an innovative study recently published in ‘Nature’ that showed how all cells in the foetal gut have the potential to be developed into stem cells, whilst EU Agenda summarises some of the best events featuring EU-funded projects that will take place in September, once everyone is back from the long summer holiday.



  • A 15-minute acute lung infection diagnostic test with unmatched performance
  • Exploring a unique laser immunotherapy against cancerous tumours
  • A realistic look at youth smoking in seven European cities


  • Examining EU leadership in science and cultural diplomacy
  • The impact of post-war cinema on young Italian masculinity
  • The double truth – science and religion in the Middle Ages

Transport and Mobility

  • Self-powering e-bikes could drive bike-sharing forward
  • More efficient design makes new generation electric ferries cheaper to run
  • A future with zero road deaths – is it possible?

Climate Change and Environment

  • Climate changes mobilise organic pollutants held in Arctic terrestrial compartments
  • Setting the stage for a climate services market observatory

Food and Natural Resources

  • From farm-to-fork analysis of antimicrobial resistance
  • Better detection of foreign bodies in food processing plants protects consumers
  • A little-known sea vegetable is set to revolutionise world cuisine
  • Innovative techniques and new data shed light on whale evolution

Industrial Technologies

  • High-tech stretchable lightweight tape could benefit industries from aerospace to automobiles
  • Low-cost miniaturised sensors ‘see’ trace gases

Digital Economy

  • Monitor in the cloud to weed out computer network malfunctions
  • Augmented reality realised in construction
  • TV any way you like it


  • Groundbreaking device first to define location of falling space debris in real time

Fundamental Research

  • When chemicals skip to our tune

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: New findings show that all immature cells can develop into stem cells

Life after...

  • Catching up with TIME SCALE: Taking space farming from sci-fi to reality
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