Research*EU Magazine | Number 85 (August/September 2019)

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Publication Date August/September 2019
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Special Feature: Vast, complicated, (dis)orderly? Unlocking the secrets of the cosmos


In this month's Life After feature, Dr Matilde Massó, coordinator of the FUSION project, tells us about her work since the project’s end in 2018. The piece calls into question the move from a productivity-based capitalism to a system driven by financial markets. It exposes the shortcomings of this model and considers alternatives. The Project of the Month is not about Cartesian doubt per se. But by opening the doors to a joint EU/US development of the Next Generation Internet, it could very well become a case in point for how innovation doesn’t necessarily arise from fierce competition.

As usual, the magazine closes with an EU Agenda summarising some of the best events featuring EU-funded projects that will take place in October.



  • The role of our gut biome in our health and well-being keeps unfolding
  • Developing a thermostable needle-free vaccine
  • Quick, robust testing method for diabetic comorbidities brings analysis out of the lab


  • Inclusive visions for a new EU partnership with the Mediterranean
  • Should beliefs or history decide if a building is a church or a museum?
  • Citizens’ experiences and cultural heritage of communist dictatorships


  • New software improves energy efficiency in EU hospitals
  • Better protection for wind turbine blades from lightning strikes

Climate Change and Environment

  • Earth observation satellites help track wildlife populations
  • Dust from ancient times helps predict future climate change
  • Alpine lakes reveal importance of viruses in freshwater environment

Food and Natural Resources

  • Investigating the link between food and depression
  • AI sows the seeds for farming success

Industrial Technologies

  • Renewable, durable clothes are a FIBFAB fit for a green future
  • Pioneering method for on-site testing and monitoring of beer quality
  • Meet the smart factory that is turning shop floor staff into innovative problem-solvers

Digital Economy

  • World’s smallest laser projector blazes trail for VR and AR eyewear
  • Leading-edge platform makes dream of application-aware network a reality
  • Fun, inventive and dynamic: new approaches to digital skills and making technologies


  • Novel system monitors the impact of vibrations in buildings and infrastructures
  • New tech ahoy for safer ship evacuations

Fundamental Research

  • Composite pulses make for error-free quantum computing
  • A peek inside nature’s pesticide factory

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Next Generation Internet building on EU-US collaboration

Life after...

  • Catching up with FUSION: If ‘money is the root of all evil’, what’s the alternative?
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