Research*EU Magazine | Number 86 (October 2019)

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Series Details Number 86
Publication Date October 2019
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Special Feature- Oceans under threat: Protecting and preserving our maritime environments


The Special feature inside the October 2019 edition of Research*EU magazine introduces seven Horizon 2020-funded projects that are providing innovative ideas and solutions to help humanity better protect and preserve the oceans for future generations. This issue also takes a look at one Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow who has unearthed new evidence on how our morning cup of joe could be having an impact on our weight, specifically related to brown fat metabolism.



  • Outcome prediction and personalised therapy for leukaemia
  • The metals that hold the key to curing cancer
  • Using sounds to see, in a first-of-its-kind audiovisual system for the visually impaired


  • Boosting maths learning through cognitive training
  • Displacement of rural communities into model villages: techniques of military counterinsurgency
  • Putting the needs and rights of elderly citizens at the heart of urban solutions

Transport and Mobility

  • Milestone reached on the road to a hydrogen economy
  • Improved management, maintenance and safety for bridges

Climate Change and Environment

  • Role of Arctic warming in extreme climate events
  • Improved use of wetlands to remove uranium contamination from drinking water
  • Does geography influence a species’ risk of extinction?

Food and Natural Resources

  • New insights into crop evolution and adaptation offer increased food security
  • Toxic soils and the impact of climate change

Industrial Technologies

  • Novel manipulation of silicon carbide-based powder creates stronger, greener thermal spray
  • Three metrology solutions for 3D nanoscale characterisation
  • Glass curtain wall system to improve energy savings and well-being

Digital Economy

  • Dream-like processes could help build more human-centric robots
  • From single-purpose devices to city-wide mobility improvement
  • Tailored buses for the shared economy


  • Making it easier to build robots for space
  • Smarter sensors for autonomous space mission tasks

Fundamental Research

  • New cooling method brings quantum chemistry experiments to the lab
  • Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of supersymmetric black holes finally explained

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Relationship between caffeine and brown fat metabolism

Life after...

  • Catching up with DIVERSIFY: fizzing with ideas for aquaculture
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