Research*EU Magazine | Number 88 (December 2019/January 2020)

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Special Feature: The growing power of media content convergence


Media content convergence is the theme of this month's Research*EU special feature. The feature looks at the way in which we consume media, and how it is gradually becoming more fragmented and less dependent on the flag-bearers of 20th century traditional media.

Life After this month catches up with the STEFY project that has developed an innovative device to increases food safety, whilst Project of the Month highlights a project that has been working hard with local stakeholders to increase the sustainability of aquaculture in the Lake Victoria region in Africa.


Special Feature: The growing power of media content convergence

  • Greater interaction tools for next-gen radio shows
  • A technological vision for the European media sector
  • Immersive narrative experience for all
  • Next-gen immersive media makes its way to technology fairs and cultural events
  • Bringing radio into the 21st century
  • Creating 3D models with a smartphone
  • Helping Europeans with disabilities access media content more easily


  • Non-destructive 3D imaging to help mend broken hearts
  • Follow-up and screening to improve the health of children who are born before 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • Nanonet-based sensors for medical applications


  • Study of building techniques in the East fills a gap in the history of architecture
  • Investigating shifts in human rights after the Arab Spring
  • Edition of the 'Extractiones de Talmud' enables a reframing of Christian-Jewish relations

Transport and Mobility

  • Innovative modular wagon technology encourages the switch to rail freight
  • New shielding for reconfigured aircraft with innovative engine design
  • Algorithms to improve traffic conditions on busy motorways

Climate Change and Environment

  • Impact of climate change-induced permafrost thaw on Arctic ecosystems
  • Pinning down the cost of drought in Mediterranean countries

Food and Natural Resources

  • Stopping aquatic biodiversity loss with ecosystem-based management tools
  • Better ways of measuring trees could speed up forest evolution

Industrial Technologies

  • New uses for an innovative coating technique
  • A cool innovation keeps beverages cold stylishly and sustainably

Digital Economy

  • Augmented reality and wearable technology transforming industrial learning and training
  • An easy-to-use, automatic means for making online video campaigns
  • The avatar that puts men in the mind of an abused woman


  • Isotopic makeup of meteorites sheds light on the early solar system
  • Monitoring and preventing water-borne contamination in space habitats

Fundamental Research

  • Finding form in Einstein’s gravitational waves
  • How the brain identifies self-touch tickles the fancy of EU researchers
  • Are sleepless nights really harmful for health?

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: A sustainable solution for boosting aquaculture in the Lake Victoria region

Life after...

  • Catching up with STEFY: Ambitious plans for a food safety-focused innovative SME
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