Research*EU Magazine | Number 89 (February 2020)

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Publication Date Feb 2020
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Special Feature: New solutions to soothe chronic pain


This February issue of Research*EU magazine shines a light on chronic pain, an arguably under-appreciated but very real healthcare challenge. In other news, the magazine celebrates the achievements of the Carbon4PUR project, and in Life After, we catch up with the DevelopAKUre project that, after 10 years hard slog, is finally very close to launching a new treatment for AKU, a very rare disease, thus transforming the lives of those affected. The EU Agenda gives the low-down on upcoming events and the regular nine thematic sections feature the latest results from EU-funded projects from all major research areas.


Special feature- New solutions to soothe chronic pain

  • Neuron-glia co-cultures, towards better treatment options for neuropathic pain
  • Neuropathic pain: better understanding risk factors to improve treatment
  • Technological enablers for the self-management of chronic pain
  • Improving pain management with nanotechnology
  • Cartilage regeneration: a soon-to-be treatment option for chronic lower back pain and osteoathritis?
  • A new paradigm in physical rehabilitation
  • Alternative therapies for treating rheumatoid athritis


  • Breakthrough medical imaging technologies for non-intrusive diagnosis
  • Transplanted nano-coated cells are a smart way to treat diabetes
  • Dualities between public health requirements and economic interests in pharma market in the Global South


  • Time to use military history to diminish the power of the new nationalists
  • Framing Europe’s changing art market
  • Being queer and Polish in Brexit Britain


  • Improved storage of excess electricity could make wind and solar energy more attractive
  • Faster, cheaper assessment tools promise ‘fair winds’ in terms of profit for the wind energy sector
  • Enhancing the marketability of lithium-sulphur batteries

Climate Change and Environment

  • Urban metabolism approach helps tourist hotspots manage their waste
  • Microorganisms and parasites help identify conservation status of endangered primates

Food and Natural Resources

  • Advances towards new vaccines against tricky livestock parasites
  • Augmented reality helps improve agricultural productivity

Industrial Technologies

  • Manufacturing robots get smarter thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Laser texturing increases resistance to wear of oil lubricated mechanical parts
  • Robo-inspector checks industrial tanks from inside

Digital Economy

  • Tiny piezoelectronic device accelerates CMOS chips
  • Real-time modulation of processor energy consumption achieves a minimum all the time
  • Equipping the data centre of the future


  • Increasing the security and resilience of Europe’s critical infrastructure
  • An innovative approach to corporate payments fraud prevention

Fundamental Research

  • Smoothing down the bumps: Research sheds new light on turbulence dynamics
  • Organic crystalline materials’ research advances solar cell design

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Converting carbon dioxide into a raw material for increased sustainability and a more circular economy

Life after...

  • Catching up with DevelopAKUre: After 10 years of hard work, an innovative AKU treatment will soon be available, transforming patients’ lives
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