Research*EU Magazine | Number 9 (February 2012)

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Publication Date February 2012
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Archaeology, history and heritage: a civilisation discovered in Libya’s desert


This issue of Research*EU magazine demonstrates, there are many good reasons for Europe to support study in the fields of archaeology and history. Learning where we came from can help us understand where we are going. In our interview, David Mattingly describes how he discovered a new civilisation under the sands of Libya’s desert, increasing our understanding of the Garamantes, a desert people of the central Sahara first recorded in the History of Herodotus in the fifth century BC but since ignored. In addition, we look at how the Medistone project studied ways in which three other important sites in North Africa can be rehabilitated.

As well as this special section, the headline story in our environment and society section considers the European context of slavery and the slave trade. We also have our regular biology and medicine section. The top story describes a study showing a link between human ancestors' brains and evolution. In the energy and transport section we investigate a project developing new composite technologies for low-weight aircraft.

And the top story in our IT and telecommunications section looks at wireless healthcare. Meanwhile, our industrial technologies section features nanotechnology put to a health application, as bio-nanotech fights the disease trypanosomiasis south of the Sahara.



  • Tools to stop HIV drug resistance
  • Triggering cellular responses for better immunity
  • Can anti-obesity drugs finally win the safety battle?
  • Tackling drug resistance in the EU
  • New diagnostic tools for trypanosomiasis
  • A DNA vaccine against leishmaniasis
  • Disease immunity in rainbow trout
  • Hygienic air travel
  • Unravelling the epidemiology of Trypanosoma cruzi
  • Optimising post-operative pain management
  • What are the unknowns in latent TB infection?
  • The genomic determinants of inflammation
  • Restoring brain function through plasticity

Digital Economy

  • Mitigating electromagnetic disturbances
  • Safer flights thanks to virtual reality
  • Handheld building power
  • Wireless healthcare
  • RTD Success Stories - Breakthrough antenna research to boost wireless transmission
  • Digital soil maps for all of Europe
  • The ultimate robot comes to life
  • Strategy for eastern Mediterranean archaeology
  • Customised fashion goes online
  • At the speed of (laser) light
  • Digital privacy matures
  • Predicting randomness

Industrial Technologies

  • Less cabling for all-electric aircraft
  • Sophisticated sensors to improve motor performance
  • Micro-nano manufacturing
  • Getting the good out of globalisation
  • The made-to-measure garment revolution
  • Super sensors using ceramics
  • Smarter ways to work in Europe
  • Hybrid rocket propulsion system for cost-effective and enhanced performance
  • Boosting the bio-economy through research
  • Futuristic nanotechnology helps preserve history
  • High-throughput chemical synthesis from liquid reactants
  • Powerful new radiation detectors on the horizon
  • Faster and cheaper fuselage development
  • Particle processing improves coatings
  • Novel natural composites based on plant fibre

Climate Change and Environment

  • On track for greener rail
  • Forced labour issues brought into the open
  • Climate change mitigation: what's the cost for Europe?
  • Predicting landslides in the Alps
  • Better branding on the horizon
  • Securing critical infrastructures
  • Helping drivers drive more safely
  • Building the future on lessons from the past
  • Global synergies in radio astronomy
  • A window into ancient history
  • Slavery: the European context
  • Microbes help juvenile fish

Transport and Mobility

  • Environmentally shipshape engines


  • Natural brakes for spacecraft


  • Participatory technology assessment


  • Further investigations into hadron physics
  • International Linear Collider for unravelling secrets of particle physics and the origin of the universe
  • Building up experimental nuclear physics
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