Research*EU Magazine | Number 90 (March 2020)

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Publication Date March 2020
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Special Feature- Satellites: A mini revolution unfolds above us


The Special Feature of this month's issue looks at the global and European satellite industry, one of the most innovative sectors in terms of technological development and economic expansion. The Life After segment this edition, catches up with a former Maria Sklodowska-Curie fellow who has been at the forefront of research that could help us better understand the unfolding climate crisis. The issue also celebrates the NeMo project that recently scooped up a prestigious mobility award in the city where the car is king - Los Angeles.


Special Feature - Satellites A mini revolution unfolds above us

  • Cost effective, green and more efficient propulsion systems for small satellites
  • Advancing the feasibility of self-organising small satellite formations
  • Defining the future of electric propulsion for in-space operation and transportation
  • An innovative, cost effective air-launch system for small satellites
  • A modular propulsion system for small satellites
  • Ground station network as a service for next-gen satellites
  • New-generation of miniaturised cameras changes the face of the satellite market


  • A molecular camera allows real-time imaging of cancer resection margins
  • An ecosystem for integrated care of multimorbid patients
  • Cardiovascular disease biomarkers in blood detected at nano levels


  • Exploring the media’s influence on how European citizens think and feel about immigration
  • Copies of past glories cause controversy in the present
  • Technology that kisses clunky audio guides goodbye

Transport and Mobility

  • New disruptive system enables rapid maintenance checks of rail network
  • A new vision for ensuring the safety of road and rail tunnels

Climate Change and Environment

  • A better understanding of stress responses in coral bleaching
  • How climate change impacts predator populations
  • Introducing peatlands to global carbon cycle monitoring

Food and Natural Resources

  • ERA Chair identifies fake and adulterated foods
  • Biofortifying crops with zinc for increased nutrition and food security
  • Laser technique offers safe and efficient varroa removal from bees

Industrial Technologies

  • Novel, cost-effective materials could replace stainless steel
  • Predictive damage modelling helps reduce waste in mining pumps

Digital Economy

  • Next generation Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure for research communities
  • Real-time data collection system boosts SME digitalisation
  • Opening up Europe’s written cultural heritage to people all over the world


  • The hunt for life on other planets is ultracool and getting warmer
  • Chemical fingerprints of stars give clues to exoplanet make-up

Fundamental Research

  • Higgs pairs could yield new physics beyond the Standard Model
  • EU enterprise probes some of the universe’s great unanswered questions

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: NeMo project wins prestigious mobility award in the MOBI Grand Challenge

Life after...

  • Catching up with nanoCAVa: From Finland to across the world, innovative research on the climate effects of aerosols goes global


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