Research*EU Magazine | Number 91 (April 2020)

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Series Details Number 91
Publication Date April 2020
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EC ZZ-AG-20-003-EN-N
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Special Feature: Infusing the digital into European education


This issue covers digital technology in the education sector, with several project articles in the regular monthly sections highlighting the fact that almost every aspect of our economy and society is gradually becoming digitalised or dominated by impressive new technologies. Elsewhere in the magazine, the Life After feature catches up with the ColRobot project that designed an impressive robotic solution for on the factory floor. And Project of the Month features two Horizon 2020 projects that are on the frontline in the on-going mission to fight and better understand COVID-19.



  • Genetically modified bacteria heal wounds in people with diabetes
  • Disruptive diagnostic tool discriminates between viral and bacterial infection
  • ‘Total heart function’ models offer more effective treatment


  • The interaction of EU institutions with civil society key to improving democracy
  • Inside the minds of ancient Egyptians
  • Digital forensics seeks to enhance the preservation and analysis of our historical record


  • Optimising ocean energy, one wave at a time
  • New Molten Salt Fast Reactor design increases nuclear energy safety
  • Power-to-gas system enables massive storage of renewable energy

Climate Change and Environment

  • Cities come together to tackle mountains of waste
  • New materials remove organic pollutants from wastewater

Food and Natural Resources

  • Identifying agricultural risk from emerging wastewater contaminants
  • Frequency generator helps protect honeybee colonies

Industrial Technologies

  • Researchers use diamond and sunlight to turn carbon pollution into fuel and chemicals
  • Information system manages factory supply and production
  • Innovative software tool opens door to next generation of alloys

Digital Economy

  • From genomics to 5G, intelligent resource allocation efficiently directs data traffic
  • Smart distribution updates traditional cinema’s business model
  • Defining safety, security and privacy issues using drones in civilian airspace


  • Robot lifebuoy automatically seeks out stranded sailors
  • Jamming technology safely neutralises threatening drones

Fundamental Research

  • Memory storage when mice use their whiskers to detect texture
  • Searching for evidence of New Physics

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: Ramping up EU research excellence to combat COVID-19

Life after...

  • Catching up with ColRobot: A robotic mobile manipulator ready to go and tailor-made for industry
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