Research*EU Magazine | Number 92 (May 2020)

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Publication Date May 2020
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Special Feature: Biodiversity - A new deal for nature


This month's special feature focuses on seven EU-funded projects that are providing new insights and strategies into how to better protect, preserve and nourish the world's biodiversity. Meanwhile, Project of the Month brings you the story of how an amateur group helped an EU-funded scientist uncover an entirely new form of the Northern Lights and in Life After they meet a company that with the help of funding through Horizon 2020's SME Instrument, has developed an AI-based solution to pest control that promises to be highly beneficial to farmers. There is also the regular nine thematic sections - these provide a fantastic overview of discoveries and innovations being made by European researchers in fields as diverse as healthcare, the social sciences and fundamental physics.



  • Host proteins involved in species barriers of viral infections
  • How brain organoids could lead the way to innovative new schizophrenia treatments
  • State-of-the-art quantitative MRI for early diagnosis of chronic liver disease


  • Deportation regimes: Adding a new perspective to public and political debates
  • Women migrants at the centre of thriving early modern Turin
  • The trust factor that propels us to pay our taxes

Transport and Mobility

  • Innovations for Europe’s railways offer a glimpse of the future for passengers and freight
  • New engineering methods and tools to minimise cockpit and cabin noise
  • Pioneering system to greatly reduce risk of fire in electric buses

Climate Change and Environment

  • Past volcanic eruptions help reveal climate future
  • Greenland’s melting ice sheet is disrupting fjord and coastal ecosystems

Food and Natural Resources

  • Big Data helps reduce environmental impacts from forestry on woodland ecosystems
  • A network of knowledge key to boosting competitiveness of the European fruit sector
  • How the humble potato inspired radical new thinking on agrifood research and innovation

Industrial Technologies

  • Polymers from fruit waste provide biodegradable packaging materials
  • 3D printing of aerospace structures now 10 times cheaper

Digital Economy

  • Integrated virtualised edge and fog solution enhances low-latency connectivity
  • Silicon photonics transceiver and routing technology heralds new supercomputer era
  • Revolutionary technology makes contract handling more efficient, secure and cost-effective


  • The most powerful detector of the most extreme cosmic events is nearing construction
  • “Fibre in the sky” gets closer to TRL 5

Fundamental Research

  • Why some females choose to have multiple mates
  • New insight into RNA mutations and the role of ‘chaperones’

Project of the month

  • Project of the Month: A new form of the Northern Lights discovered thanks to amateur stargazers

Life after...

  • Catching up with Trapview: An innovative Slovenian SME sees fantastic success with its exciting AI-infused pest solution
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