Research*EU Magazine | Number 99 (February 2021)

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Series Details Number 99
Publication Date February 2021
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Special Feature: The Future of Aviation: The Only Way is Up


The seven projects featured in this month’s special feature highlight how the aviation industry can and will evolve over the coming years, guided by excellent EU-funded research and in spite of the pandemic that effectively brought the industry to a grinding halt in 2020.  Life After reintroduces you to VRespect.Me, a project that has utilised cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology to combat domestic violence and catches-up with them to see how they have progressed since the end of their EU-funded phase and promoted their solution further.  Project of the Month, celebrates an EU-funded researcher who undertook an expedition into the Colombian Amazon and unearthed the world’s largest collection of prehistoric art, since dubbed the ‘Sistene Chapel of the ancients’.  And, finally, EU Agenda looks at the latest upcoming digital and in-person events.


    • Health
      • Monitoring the risks in neonatal intensive care
      • Better understanding of pathogen evolution takes us closer to one-time vaccines
      • A perfect cage-like nanostructure could ship drug molecules into cells
    • Society
      • Labour uncertainty in Spain makes men less likely to have children
      • Textiles could answer big questions about lost civilisations
      • The ethics of designing smart devices
    • Project of the Month
      • Celebrating the discovery of one of the world's largest collections of prehistoric rock art
    • Energy
      • Energy hub could help businesses forge a more sustainable future
      • How households can accelerate the transition to renewable energy
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • New modelling suggests that 92% of Alpine glaciers could disappear by the end of this century
      • Microbes' response to climate change offers a glimpse into the future of the Arctic
      • Sampling ancient seafloors to comprehend climate change and recovery
    • Special Feature
      • The future of aviation: The only way is up
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • Healthy cows, healthy farm, healthy environment: Artificial intelligence for efficient, greener farming
      • New product dramatically improves the capabilities of food packaging
      • Connecting farmers and apiculturists to the Internet of Bees
    • Industrial Technologies
      • A sustainable solution to stainless steel's pickling problem
      • Artificial sand provides green solutions for the construction sector
    • Digital Economy
      • Taking Research experiments to another level with superior data management services
      • Bridging the divide between big data innovation privacy-aware data protection
      • Rethinking architecture in the digital era to bring real change to design and planning
    • Life After...
      • Catching-up with VRespect.ME: fighting domestic violence through an innovative VR solution
      • Fog and cloud computing work hand in hand
    • Security
      • Border entry made easier, faster and more secure thanks to pioneering biometric technology
      • A simpler way of preventing cyberattacks
    • Fundamental Research
      • Fossil record reveals extent of diversity of past life on Earth
      • How bacteria bear a grudge against viruses
    • Agenda
      • March 2021
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