Research*EU Results Magazine | Number 1 (April 2011)

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Series Details Number 1
Publication Date April 2011
ISSN 1831-9947
EC ZZ-AC-11-001-EN-C
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Special Feature: Blue sky research: a funding lifeline


The European Commission announced in 2010 its biggest-ever investment in research and innovation. At the same time, Europe has been financing a growing number of blue sky related research projects. This issue focuses on some of projects arising from that investment, such as an in-depth interview with Tommaso Calarco, coordinator of the EU-funded 'Atomic quantum technologies' (AQUTE) project.

The biology and medicine section explores a relatively new discipline of system biology known as metabolic engineering. The energy and transport section leads with an articles on an EU-funded project that is looking ten years into the future of flight design. The top story in the environment and society section looks at using new technologies to tackle pollution with microbes. In the IT and telecommunications section, this issue explores how virtual organisations are able to coordinate the business acumen of distant and distinct SMEs who work together on a project or product.

The industrial technology section leads with a story on a project that is coordinating efforts for a united research community in Europe necessary to develop the 45 nm, 32 nm and smaller CMOS technologies. The issue ends with a list of events and conferences in the field of research and technology.

The issue also informs readers on changes to the magazine, which has been renamed from Research*EU Results Supplement.


  • Biology and Medicine
    • The promise of metabolic engineering
    • Hunting a mysterious mood manipulator
    • Study finds genes not environment behind Parkinson's
    • Diabetes, new insights into insulin resistance
    • Finding the elusive cure for Leishmaniasis
    • Study suggests liver plays key role in fertility
    • Study finds link between blood-clotting protein and cancer
    • Worming our way through cancer
    • Fresh technology for new cell creation
    • Could severe bacterial diseases become a thing of the past?
    • Get ready for smarter food packaging
    • Developing new food additives from bacteria
  • Energy and Transport
    • Flight of fancy
    • Aero R&D gets EU-Africa uplift
    • Aircraft technology for safer skies
    • Beating ‘complexity’ with integrated systems design
    • Aerospace: the best of east and west
    • Vehicle and vessel design makeover
    • Converting glycerine into biogas and fertilizer
    • Harnessing wave energy
    • Looking at energy use habits
    • Nanostructures build solar cells
  • Environment and Society
    • Laying the foundations for synthetic biology in Europe
    • EU research protects vulnerable communities from erupting volcanoes
    • Preparing Europe for a drier future
    • Reviewing recommendations and roadmap for climate change
    • Biodiversa — collaborating for conservation
    • An EU research programme that is made to measure
    • Ageing at the forefront of European research
    • Towards better suicide prevention in the EU
    • How to combat new threats to old buildings
    • New tools for old building restorers
    • Ensuring chemical safety
  • IT and Telecommunications
    • Virtual business enters the real world
    • Interview : Curiosity-driven research 32
    • Super knowledge systems to benefit smaller enterprises
    • The search for super-fast communications
    • Next generation broadband for anyone, anywhere
    • Tiny devices may help reinvent wireless technology
    • A virtual culture built on trust
    • Learning to collaborate…virtually
    • Coping when disaster strikes
    • Emerging technologies — do they pose a security risk?
    • Big steps in the nano-world revolutionise new products
  • Industrial Technologies
    • New production techniques for single enantiomers
    • Driving the auto industry in Romania
    • Building smaller biosensors with lasers
    • Optical lasers light up the electronics world
    • Lightwight plastics with impact properties
    • The sound of plastic
    • Knock on wood
    • EU researchers to develop low-cost hydro turbines
  • Events
    • Workshop on document retrieval
    • Workshop on computational colour imaging
    • Science and technology of grapheme conference
    • Second symposium on business informatics in central and eastern Europe
    • Scientix European conference
    • Workshop on pervasive wireless healthcare
    • Fourth international workshop on game theory in communication networks
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