Resource efficiency and the circular economy in Europe 2019 : an overview of the policies, approaches and targets of 32 European countries

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Series Details Number 26/2019
Publication Date 01/04/2020
ISBN 978-92-9480-221-7
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EC TH-AL-20-007-EN-N
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This report presents an updated and extended assessment of approaches and identifies trends, similarities and new directions taken by countries in the connected policy areas of resource efficiency and the circular economy. It is based on information provided in 2018 by 32 participating countries of the EEA/Eionet (European Environment Information and Observation Network) (Annex 2, Map A2.1). This report directly builds on the 2016 EEA report
More from less — material resource efficiency in Europe (1) by reflecting the changing policy agenda with respect to the circular economy.

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