Results of the Norwegian Parliamentary election, 11 September 2017

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Norway's Conservative Party managed to secure a second term in office following the announcement of the results for the parliamentary election held on 11 September. The party led by Erna Solberg decreased its share of votes only slightly, allowing it to remain in power.

Despite winning again the highest number of the votes, the Labour Party was far from a majority and its traditional supporters did not collect enough votes to guarantee the return of a Labour-led cabinet. Labour was seen as the main defeated of the evening, considering the wide margin of victory several polls had indicated in the weeks before the election.

The junior partner of the incumbent coalition government, the (radical) right-wing Progress Party, managed to secure its position as the third largest party with only a small decrease in its vote share.

The cabinet will need to rely on two smaller parties to enjoy a majority in the Parliament - the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats managed to remain above the electoral threshold of 4% nationwide and were seen as open to allow a centre-right government to remain in office. Negotiations were likely to be kickstarted.This feature focuses on the results and aftermath of the parliamentary election held in Norway on 11 September 2017.

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