Rich, happy and good at austerity

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Feature forms the lead and overview article in the FT: Special Report: Finland 2012. Budget discipline has been impressive in Finland and there is a wish to stay in the eurozone, despite the profligacy of others.

Other articles include:

+ Economy: Demand at home offsets poor exports
Amid the downturn and structural change, consumption is holding up, says Michael Stothard

+ Nokia: Struggling to regain investors’ confidence
Richard Milne considers the handset maker’s troubles and its new strategy

+ Nuclear power: Pragmatic citizens are unfazed by Fukushima
Environmental concerns and a desire to reduce dependence on Russia have fostered support, says Michael Stothard

+ Interview: Tough line on austerity has popular support
Richard Milne talks to Jyrki Katainen, prime minister, and leader of the six-party governing coalition

+ Tango: Latin beats with a long local tradition
Finland has added its own melancholic vibe, explains Michael Stothard

+ Saunas: The etiquette of ‘networking in the nude’
Full nudity is particularly important if you are with business contacts, writes Michael Stothard

+ Pulp and paper: Emerging markets and biofuels balance fall in European demand
The government and forestry companies are trying to find new jobs for plants and workers, reports Richard Milne

+ Helsinki: Centre of good design says no to Guggenheim
The city has decided that it cannot afford an expensive art museum, finds Michael Stothard

+ Mobile games: ‘Angry Birds’ success moves sector up the pecking order
Michael Stothard on an industry that is still tiny but has been invested with high hopes

+ Demographics: State tries to persuade people to spend longer at work
Richard Milne looks at how the challenges of an ageing population are being tackled.

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