Rising power, growing questions

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Publication Date 26/06/2012
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Article forms the lead and overview feature in the FT: Special Report 'Turkey 2012'. The Erdogan era has brought prosperity but there are calls for the political system to be modernised, writes Daniel Dombey.

Other articles include:

+ Market view: Economy may be booming but room for manoeuvre is limited
Dependence on EU banks makes growth precarious, warns Stefan Wagstyl

+ Investment: Priority is more long-term funds, less hot money
Further reforms should stimulate new inflows, writes Vincent Boland

+ Politics: Tinderbox summer in store
Challenges await as Cyprus takes over the EU presidency and the debate over Kurdish rights simmers, writes Daniel Dombey

+ Guest column: Lessons from Ottoman past risk falling on deaf ears
The film ‘Conquest 1453’ captures a growing mood that Turkey no longer needs to cling to the coat-tails of its western allies, writes Andrew Finkel

+ Syria: Best of friends becomes neighbour from hell
Ankara is desperate to be rid of its former ally Bashar al-Assad but direct intervention would be too risky, says Daniel Dombey

+ Trade and tourism: Businesses rebalance away from Europe
Russia and Middle East are the target markets, writes David O’Byrne

+ Energy: Growth fuels demand but sucks in imports
Policy is to diversify mix of sources, says Daniel Dombey

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