Roadmap on critical technologies for security and defence

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Publication Date 15/02/2022
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Communication published by the European Commission on 15 February 2022, setting out a roadmap concerning critical technologies for security and defence. This is a contribution to the discussions in the framework of the EU's Strategic Compass.

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This roadmap on critical technologies for security and defence responds to a request from the European Council in February 2021 to outline a path for boosting research, technology development and innovation (RTD&I) and reducing the EU’s strategic dependencies in critical technologies and value chains for security and defence.

The Roadmap proposes a way forward for the EU and Member States to jointly reach the above mentioned goal, notably by:

  • identifying technologies critical for EU security and defence, boosting them through European (RTD&I) programmes;
  • ensuring that defence considerations are better taken into account in civilian European RTD&I programmes and industrial and trade policies, as appropriate, while possible civilian uses of technologies are also better considered in defence RTD&I programmes;
  • promoting from the outset an EU-wide strategic and coordinated approach for critical technologies for security and defence, to make the best use of EU and Member States’ RTD&I programmes, achieve synergies between civilian and defence RTD&I communities and mitigate strategic dependencies from external sources;
  • coordinating as much as possible with other like-minded partners, such as the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), under mutually beneficial conditions.
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