Rouble crisis feeds EU hope of Russia pull-back

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According to Latvia's foreign minister Edgar Rinkecis on 7 January 2015, Russia's poor economic situation had made it show willingness to seek a solution with the European Union concerning the sanctions in place.

Mr Rinkecis also stated Latvia could support a roll-back of sanctions if Russia withdraws from eastern Ukraine.

Latvia had previously stated its EU presidency - which started in January 2015 - would not be 'anti-Russian'. French president François Hollande had also discussed the possibility of lifting the sanctions against Russia in an interview with a radio station. Russia was hit hard by the fall of oil prices and the devaluation of its currency [click here for more information].

Some sources had access to a discussion paper preparing a meeting of the 28 EU foreign ministers in Brussels on 19 January 2015, in which EU's high representative for foreign policy Federica Mogherini defended a renewed effort to improve EU's relations with Russia.

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