Rule of law-related ‘super milestones’ in the recovery and resilience plans of Hungary and Poland

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On 12 December 2022, the Council adopted the Hungarian recovery and resilience plan (RRP) based on the Commission’s positive evaluation. Compared to the original plan, a whole new component of measures has been added (Component 9: Governance and Public Administration) containing 38 measures with 111 milestones and targets. Of these, 27 milestones are referred to as ‘super milestones’ without which no payment under the RRF will be allowed. These ‘super milestones’ include some of the Key Implementation Steps of the 17 remedial measures proposed by Hungary under the rule of law conditionality mechanism, some measures concerning judicial independence included in the ongoing Article 7 procedure, recent country-specific recommendations (CSRs) and the Rule of Law Reports, and also audit and control-related measures. The Polish RRP was adopted by the Council on 17 June 2022. It only contained two ‘super milestones’ that need to be fulfilled before the first payment request is submitted, both related to the judiciary.

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