Russia and Turkey: leading towards a concert of powers in Syria

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On 29th December 2016 Russia and Turkey announced a joint plan to introduce a ceasefire in Syria. On 31st December it received support from the UN Security Council. Even though the ceasefire faltered already in the following days, it remains a vital element in the tightening of co-operation between Russia and Turkey in Syria, including in the military area. It also constitutes another step in the effort to push for a new model of the regional order in the Middle East.

The plan allows for: avoidance of direct confrontation and an intensification of political co-operation between regional players in order to marginalise the role of the West (mainly the US) in the Syrian conflict. Talks planned for the end of January in Astana about a political settlement of the conflict in Syria will be an important test of the effectiveness of the measures undertaken by Russia, Turkey and Iran.

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