Russia threatens Europe with higher energy prices / Putin calls for retaliatory sanctions with EU airlines potential targets

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EUObserver reported that Russia reacted angrily to the economic sanctions adopted on the 29 July 2014 by the EU threatening to increase energy prices.

Russia stated that the economies of Russia and the EU were interlinked and that the 'stage three sanctions would affect the economic situation in the EU 'not less than in Russia'.

Russia imposed an import ban on Polish fruit and vegetables on the 30 July 2014, citing reasons relating to sanitary matters. Commentators called on the West to toughen its its stance against Russia and believed it would maintain the upper hand in the event of a trade war.

EurActiv and other news sources reported on the 4 August 2014 that Dobrolyot (Good Flight), a low-cost airline operated by Russian national carrier Aeroflot had suspended all flights after its plane lease agreement for Boeing planes was cancelled due to the sanctions imposed by the EU and the US. The Russian tour firm Labirint also suspended operations. stranding some Russian tourists on holiday outside Russia.

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