Russian Politics and Society, 4th ed.

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Publication Date 2008
ISBN 978-0-415-41527-9 (Hbk)
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Having been revised and updated to reflect the considerable changes in Russia over the last decade, the fourth edition of this classic text provides a comprehensive analysis on Russian politics and society. New to this edition:

+extended coverage of electoral laws, party development and regional politics
+new chapter on the ‘phoney democracy’ period, 1991-93
+historical evaluation of Yeltsin’s leadership
+full coverage of Putin’s presidency
+discussion of the development of civil society and the problems of democratic consolidation
+latest developments in the Chechnya conflict
+more on foreign policy issues
+the re-introduction of the Russian Constitution as an appendix
+an updated Select Bibliography
+more focus on the challenges facing Russia in the twenty-first century.

Part 1: The Fall of Communism and the Rebirth of Russia

1. Soviet Communism and its Dissolution
2. The Disintegration of the USSR
3. Phoney Democracy, 1991-1993

Part 2: Political Institutions and Processes

4. Constitutionalism and the Law
5. Crime, Corruption and Security
6. The Executive
7. Party Development
8. Electoral Politics
9. The Legislature

Part 3: Nationalism, Federalism and Regionalism

10. National Identity and State Building
11. Federalism and the New State
12. Segmented Regionalism and the New Federalism

Part 4: Economy and Society

13. Russian Capitalism
14. Society and Social Movements
15. Cultural Transformation

Part 5: Foreign, Security and Neighbourhood Policy

16. Foreign Policy
17. Defence and Security Policy
18. Commonwealth, Community and Fragmentation

Part 6: Dilemmas of Democratisation

19. Problems of Transition
20. Democracy in Russia.
Appendix: The Russian Constitution

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