Russia’s Changing Economic and Political Regimes. The Putin Years and Afterwards

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Publication Date 2013
ISBN 978-0-415-64171-5
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The book reveals the interconnection between social, cultural and political protest movements and social and economic changes in a post-communist country like Russia still dominated by bureaucratic rulers and 'oligarchs' controlling all basic industries and mining activities. Those interests are also dominating Russia’s foreign policy and explain why Russia did not succeed in becoming an integral part of Europe. The latter is, at least, wished by many Russian citizens.

+ Introduction Andrey Makarychev and André Mommen
+ 1. Master Signifier in decay: evolution of Russian political discourse since Putin’s comeback Andrey Devyatkov
+ 2. New media and the political protest: the formation of a public counter-sphere in Russia of 2008-12 Svetlana S. Bodrunova and Anna A. Litvinenko
+ 3. Russian identity after the fall of the USSR. From generation “П” to generation “T” (“Transnational”)? Sergey Akopov
+ 4. Foreign policies of Putin’s regime: strategies of politicization and depoliticization Andrey Makarychev
+ 5. Modes of integration in the world economy: the case of Russia under Putin Hans van Zon
+ 6. New trends in Russia’s energy policy? Ekaterina Demakova
+ 7.Modernization in Russian relations with EU member states: conventional goal, new means, unexpected consequences? Tatiana Romanova and Elena Pavlova
+ 8. On the normative gap in the EU-Russia relations Anastasia Stepanovich
+ 9. From multi-vector to vectorless: Ukraine’s policy towards Russia and the EU Elena Gnedina and Evghenia Sleptsova
+ 10. The German-Russian dialogue and the economic interaction Leyli Rustamova
+ 11. China and Russia: globalizing partners in trade? André Mommen
+ 12. Another face of glocalization: cities going international (the case of North-Western Russia) Alexander Sergunin and Pertti Joenniemi
+ 13. Quality of governance, globalization and regional inequality: the Russian case Irina Busygina and Mikhail Filippov
+ 14.The future of Putinism Andrey Makarychev and André Mommen

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